➸ 1. Betrothed

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"What?" I paled, jumping up in my stilettos with my mouth wide open as I gaped at the woman with perfectly styled blonde hair, her fierce amber eyes narrowing at me.

Her gaze turned into a cold glare as her jaw ticked. She hated whenever I had an outburst or questioned her in any form.

This woman, my mother, just informed me that in exactly sixty days, I'll be married. To someone I don't even know.

Today, of all days, on my eighteenth birthday, and she sprang this on me...

Today was the day I was supposed to be free of her and her rules.. her hatred.

"Calm down right this instant." She spat, her top lip curling upward to reveal her white teeth which were somehow even lighter than her already-alabastar complexion.

I flinched at my forgetfulness and the harshness in her tone. Mother was a harsh woman, her punishments could vouch for that.

"I will not tolerate another disgusting outburst from you, Isabella Sienna Valencia! You are a lady so you must remain one even in situations where you do not feel inclined to do so. Do you understand me!?" She shouted, a fire burning behind her eyes as she threw her daggers my way. I could imagine her golden blonde hair taking a life of it's own right now and slipping out of her perfect updo, forming snakes that slithered to face me with evil eyes, Medusa reincarnate.

She was mad now, which wasn't hard to achieve. I could always tell how angry she was by the way her usually amber coloured irises turned a dark shade of burgundy, an odd response her body had to anger.

Mother never showed emotion, her face was always a mask. The only time I could find it evident that she was angry was when her eyes changed colours. However, the punishments spoke volume as to how furious she was with me for whatever small thing I had done or not done. I was too 'broken in' to do anything over the line, but even expressing my feelings was hard to do around her, out of fear for what she would resort to if it made her irate.

How else was I supposed to react to being told I'm to be married to a man that I didn't even know?

I sighed shakily as my gaze darted away from her normally pretty features which transformed into something very ugly. Taking deep breaths, I looked down at the cream coloured carpet, willing the anxiety that was spiraling outward from my chest, back inside of me.

Anxiety was something I lived with since I was just ten years old, always fearful of what she would do if I crossed the invisible line with her. You never knew where that line began and where it ended.

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