Chapter 26

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Ace says "what?"

I say "I, I need to go home."

Cecily says "are you crazy? We can't let you go with the Government putting out a manhunt for you!"

I say "I need to get Simone!"

Finn says "Nov, Simone is gonna be okay."

I say "she's already showing signs of getting her powers!"

Blaire says "so? She's an early bloomer."

I say "in my dream she was labeled a Lorem Multis! I need to get her!"

Cecily says "we'll go get her for you."

I say "no, it has to be me. She'll trust me."

She says "Nova, you can't-"

I interrupt "I'm in charge here. I'm the Super Nova. You've spent decades looking for me, and if you don't let me go and get my sister I will leave, and you'll probably never get another Super Nova."

She says "Nova, no."

I say "I am the Super Nova. If I want to go save my sister, I will go save my sister. And you're making me so mad I am three seconds away from walking out the front door."

Cecily puts her hand over the table and says "imagine the shadow from my hand expanding. Put all your anger and emotions into it."

I say "I'm not in the mood!"

She says "just do it!"

I focus on pouring all my emotions into the shadow and expanding it, and the shadow slowly grows.

Finn says "holy crap."

Cecily smiles and says "make it smaller."

I focus on making the shadow small, and it shrinks.

Ace says "did she just master another skill right before our eyes?"

Cecily says "yes. Yes she did. Umbrakinesis."

I say "I want to go save my sister."

She says "since you're doing so well you can go. But, you must bring three people with you. One of them must be an adult from this group, one must be a teenager from this group, and you can pick one of your three original friends, or not."

I say "you, Beatrix, and Finn."

She nods and says "okay, are you done eating?"

I look at Finn and Beatrix, and they both have no food left in front of them. I turn back to Cecily and nod.

She says "okay, let's go."

The three of us stand, and she leads us out of the room. Cecily leads us to a garage with three cars in it. She turns to someone who is walking into the building from the garage and says "tell the Director that Im taking Finn, Nova, and Beatrix for a while."

The person nods and leaves the room.

Cecily grabs a set of keys off a hook and turns to a red car. She says "okay, get in."

We all get into the backseat.

Cecily starts the car, and I look out the window.

After a couple of minutes, Finn says "she's gonna be alright, Nov."

He grabs my hand and says "everything's gonna be alright."

I say "I just hope she hasn't developed her powers yet. If my parents find out she's Lorem Multis then they'll send her to the Government."

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