Chapter Four

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"Jasmine look at the flower, isn't it a pretty flower" said dad. I smile and nodded my head, as he place the flower in my hand, and kiss my forehead.

"Your like this flower, without you my whole world wouldn't light up" He tickle me and I started to laugh.

"I'm daddy's world!" I shouted. He pick me up and swing me around.

"That right princess you are my world, my beautiful flower"

Daddy beautiful flower

I open my eyes, seem like the tear was there. My daddy was gone, everyone was gone. It was only me now-

"Your awake?" said a voice. I turn to the right and see that it was the guy from earlier I think, the thug? I slowly sit up in the bed,"what are you doing here?"

He chuckle and shake his head,"well I heard you scream around the hall, and when I reach you was knock out and your neck was bleeding. Like someone bite you deep or something" Bleeding?neck?bite?deep?

I touch my neck, and I felt the pad over it. Then I remember what happen earlier,William was kissing my neck and suddenly bite me out of no where. I quickly fling the cover off me, and came off the nurse bed.

"Where are you going?" I look at him, and then proceed to put my shoes on.

"I have to go, thank you so much" Before he could replied, I rush out of the room and quickly walk down the hall. I look to see classes were empty, that mean school was over. So I slept through 7 periods, I never sleep that long before. Suddenly this pain ran in my neck, I lean on the wall holding my neck as I breathe slowly.

I felt like those new born vampire, which isn't possible because all those stuff are science fiction. Then I felt this pain in my stomach, what the heck is this. I drop to the floor, as I groaned in pain. It was worse than the cramps I get from my period. I hold on to my throat, felt like the living air was knock out of me.

I heard footsteps, but my eyes were slowly closing. Then I felt someone hands touch mine, and it seem like life was knock back inside of me. And all these emotion I never knew I have, spread throughout my whole body. I slowly open my eyes, and I gasp when I see him in front of me.

"Are you ok-"

"Don't ask me shit, what the heck did you do to me?" He gently squeeze my hand, and I stare into grey eyes which hold emotion to them.

"Jasmine I don't want you to be scared of me okay?" I pull my hand away from his, but we didn't break eye contact.

"Oh I shouldn't be scared of you, the fact that you bite me like your some damn animal.Do you go around and bite any or anyone?"

"Jasmine let me explain it to you" he reach out to touch me, and I instantly react by smacking him across the face. I don't know why  I did that, but I'm angry. His head was turn slightly, I saw his jaw clench while I was over here breathing hard and fast. He turn and look at me, but I swallow when is eyes were pitch black. Okay now this was freaking crazy or something, how do you go from gray to pitch black? 

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