"So if the limit of proportionality is exceeded, then the spring won't return to its original position?" I asked, whilst finishing off the final part of the method.

"Yeah, that's it. You can see it in the graph. It starts off as a directly proportionate line, then it kinda curves a bit after an extension of two metres." As Taylor slid his book around to show me, a piece of graph paper slipped out, and he passed it over to me. "I'll get you a ruler and pencil from somewhere."

Before Taylor could begin rummaging through all the stuff that was dumped on his desk, I intervened. "It's alright, I've got copied your table of results, I can do the graph at home."

Taylor frowned as he flopped back onto the bed and stretched out his legs. "You were meant to come for physics, but I feel like we haven't exactly done much..." He glanced down at the Mario DS game case that earlier been rediscovered when his cat had got up with a cracking noise. Seeing the game had launched us into a heated discussion over whether Princess Peach actually wanted to be rescued by Mario or if she preferred Bowser.

In his defence, the majority of times that we had become distracted were down to me. Taylor was really good at explaining stuff in a way that made sense. But it was still physics and I couldn't help losing my focus to something random that caught my eye in the trove of stuff scattered around us. We ended up losing ourselves, talking almost nonsense as we cut into each other's sentences, reverberating off the other's passionate tone. The more we talked, the less exciting the prospect of physics became.

"Yeah, so I've got the table and method, and you went over Hooke's law with me, which means we've got our conclusion too," I pulled up the sleeve on my left arm and was surprised to find it was almost six when I saw my watch. "Well, I probably should get going now anyway."

"Oh right, cool," Taylor sounded pretty nonchalant, but I sensed he seemed a little dejected. More likely was that I was egotistical to believe he wanted to hear me ramble on. Even if Taylor didn't seem to mind, his cat certainly did. Having been toasting my feet since settling beneath the bed, Gizmo mewled as I tried to lift my legs. A blur of black and white suddenly leapt up and scrambled over me.

"Gizmo, get off her!" Taylor slid Gizmo towards him and cradled the cat against his checked shirt. "You haven't been sneezing or coughing, so you're not allergic to cats right?"

"No, I'm not. I'd love one, but my Mum's not keen on them. Where's best to stroke him?"

"He loves it just here," Taylor rubbed his fingers into the base of Gizmo's left ear and the cat nuzzled into his chest affectionately.

I outstretched a hand and  placed my fingers where Taylor's had been. Stroking the velvety fur, Gizmo gave a content purr and gazed up at me with his unblinking green eyes.

"If you let him have his way, you'll be trapped here forever. I'll carry him downstairs. He's goes nuts if he can't say bye to people, don't you Gizmo?" As he spoke, Taylor ran a hand down Gizmo's back, ruffling the fur around his tail, which quivered. Another purr emitted, this time a rumble of pleasure.

"So is Gizmo named after the Gremlin from the movies?" I asked, leading the way down the hallway.

"Yep. Those films are a Christmas staple in our house. See, we got Gizmo rather unexpectedly from a friend whose cat had a load of kittens. Only it was just before Christmas, and I thought the kitten looked a bit like a Gremlin-" At the pause I looked back to find that Taylor had stopped and was trying to lower the wriggling Gizmo onto the step, "Yeah, I know you're not a Gremlin now, silly, but I was five!"

At that, Gizmo sprang from his arms, landing on the step between us before scrambling down the rest of staircase and dashing into the kitchen.

Following me downstairs, Taylor continued, "So I spent all of Christmas Eve playing with him in the lounge, with the curtains drawn and the lights off. I even put his dinner back in the bag on Christmas Day because it was after midnight. It was only when I refused to allow him into the garden whilst it was raining that Matt and Amanda figured I hadn't realised our pet was a cat rather than a fictional creature."

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