Chapter 4

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*Jiya Pov*

I trailed my fingers over the soft black gown and thought about how delighted I have felt when he gave me this gift.

"It is so beautiful." I said, trailing my hands over the gown.

"Isn't it? Why not wear this for your Dad's company successful bash this year?" he asked.

"You remember what I told you about the torture my Mom put me through making me wear pink gowns?" I asked him shocked.

"I remember each and everything you say Jiya." He replied smiling.

"I will wear this." I said, grinning and got down from his car while he drove off.

"You are not wearing that." Mom said, looking at it in disgust.

"I am and don't look at it like that." I said, holding the gown protectively in my arms.

"See that beautiful dress and wear that otherwise don't come to the bash." She said giving me yet another pink gown.

"Ok! You both enjoy." I said shrugging.

"Fine! Wear whatever you want and don't complain later saying that you looked like an alien in the bash not following the theme." She said walking outside and I happily wore the gown.

Like she predicted everyone glanced at me with a weird look, but I kept my head held high flaunting the gown bought by my boyfriend.

I closed my eyes coming out of the flashback, and my stupidity where I didn't care about anyone and even myself except him.

I threw the gown inside the small cupboard and took out the only pink gown I have or the only gown, which was able to be brought while shifting to this house.

"You are wearing that?" Mom asked me shocked when I walked outside my room putting on my earrings.

"I need to go to a gala." I replied ignoring her shock.

"On Sunday?" Dad asked fully knowing that I would sleep the whole day on Sunday.

"I am invited and I will try to return home soon." I replied, and he nodded.

"Your brother is in jail, and you are going for gala's? Do you know how much torture, we are feeling to stay in this congested space? All our problems will be solved, but you are so hell-bent on working for such a little salary." Mom said shaking her head in disappointment.

"Be grateful that we have a roof on our head's and food we can have three times a day. Don't torture her like this, Vimala." Dad said while I just stood there folding my hands.

"But Punit, can't you see we could go back to our lives only if she doesn't have anything against her brother in her heart?" Mom asked Dad.

"What do you actually want Mom?" I asked her calmly.

"Get him out or at least get our property back, by which we can pay for the top lawyers who are ready to fight his case." She replied.

I sighed and walked back inside my room. I returned holding the documents, and my purse where I saved the money.

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