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Hey everyone!

I am so sorry, as I am unable to take requests, I am very ill and also very busy!

Please forgive me :)

Now, anyone seen this pic yet? OMG Benedict looks soo.... ho- never mind. lol

BBC One released this on twitter yesterday, just wow. 

Looks remarkable... apart from the 'tache. John, please. Ergh. 

Also check out the video omg XD It was soo good I cannot wait for it :D

Anyway... I will hopefully be free in two weeks, but I will make it up you all :)

P.S I have just made a book, called Affair of the Heart. A teacher x student romance with Benedict, if you guys wouldn't mind checking it out for me :) I also published Benedict Cumberbatch Imagines XD

Have a wonderful day everyone :)

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