Salam everyone .

I hope you guys enjoyed my story and i know its way far from perfection . i just wanted to write something good to imagine something good.

Its not easy for me to write a story atleast stretched till 42 chapters so hard . i really love you guys for ready and telling me how's the story going and voting for the chapter .

After eid Inshallah i'll update the last two chapters .

The announcement is that i'm going to write an another love story . yes cause i love "love stories " . i have the plot even i've written half chapter of it . i need your love there too .

If you are a fan of "yeh qasoor mera hai" then i suggest to stay tunned for that story .

And as its going to be end and i'm feeling strange like seriously i wrote this much long story ? Woaahhh but yaayyyy i loved it . :)

Please wait for next chapters and then i'll be back with another love story . but i'll make it short cause "revenge for blood " is already going to bee way long . i know .

Peace out . love you guys alot and wish for my health cause i'm going through some serious illness.

And advanced eid mubarak <3

Love you ,
Your author
Amsal ather subhani . :)

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