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Chapter 9

David's P.O.V

I was just driving my car, anywhere but back to the apartment. After what I had witnessed, my mind went numb and I couldn't breathe properly. I didn't know what I was feeling by I was she of one thing, everything was changing for me.

Just a few minutes ago, I had seen Charlotte, Kristine's sister in a dress. Usually, I would have brushed it off but something about her in that dress had caught me off guard. I couldn't think and I was speechless. The look on her face was priceless too.

Now, all of this confused me. At the beginning, I had made myself very clear to her. I didn't like women who were fat or round, honestly. I could clearly see the confusion on her far when I told her that when we had met. I didn't really blame her. She wasn't to be blamed anyway.

After the family meeting I had with Kristine's mother and how I saw Charlie reacted when she saw Wesley, things began to change. When she told me about how she as treated at school, I was sure I felt guilty. I didn't know why, but I realised that Charlie, she was in the same position as Mary was once upon a time.

Mary, she was my older sister. She was only woman in my life until now, honestly and that was because she was a great role model for me. Mary, she was exactly like Charlie, will witted, kind and caring. She was also fat too. That was what got her into trouble in school. She was always be picked on for her size and no one liked her.

She had always told me to stay strong and she would put on this big smile but deep inside, no one knew her pain. Things had gotten too heavy for her and one day, she just killed herself. She took her own life by cutting her wrist with a razor. I still remembered how she looked when I entered her room to tell her something. I could still remember that agonising letter she wrote and how she said that she was sorry that she couldn't see me grow up.

Charlie, she had reminded me about it. Just then, my thoughts were cut when my phone rang. Pulling out the phone from my pocket and pressing on the green button, I answered the call. "David? Where are you?" Kristine's voice rung out.

I sighed to myself as I remembered our relationship. Honestly, I didn't know if I could still call it as a relationship anymore. "I'm just outside."

"Well, I want to tell you something. You know, we're invited for the same party that Charlie was invited too, right?"

"Really?" I said, not interested when the image of Charlie floated in my mind again.

"Yeah. It turns out that Jake's brother was my client," she said as her voice chirped out in happiness. How could she be so happy after what we have been through? I still didn't know what to say as I just hummed in response.

Kristine didn't notice anything off about my tone as she continued on speaking. Strange, Charlie knew immediately something was wrong the minute I used this voice but my own fiancée didn't.

My temples started to hurt as I finally decided not to think anymore. Instead, I just listened to what Kristine was saying.

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