Chapter 5 - Behold the Prince

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I couldn't contain myself anymore.

Having her near me was already poisonous, how much more if I touch her again?  It would be the death of me.  But what am I even saying?  I am already dead.  I am a demon.  So what's the use restricting myself now?  What's the use making myself suffer?

I have waited for her for a long time. Such a long, long time.  The three Fates of Hell gave me a clue.  They said that my Sarah will be reincarnated in the Anthoni Family, the sixth generation.

With that in mind, I set out to infiltrate myself into the Family.  A butler would definitely be a good idea.  I can gather clues and information about her while posing as that, but unfortunately, nothing happened.  I waited and waited, almost beginning to become impatient until the faithful day came.

I felt the strong, undeniable connection when I saw her, Andrea Anthoni - ahhh, such a lovely name.  She was sitting in the airport lounge area playing a silly game of the modern world.

The moment my eyes locked on her beautiful face, everything about the past came replaying in my head.  The desperation.  The hatred.  The anger.  The yearning.  The desire.  The pain.  The love.  Yes.  The love.  A demon like me actually knows how to love.

I can shamelessly say that I love her with all of my rotten heart and I will love her more.  Even time won't stop me.  Don't even say that it was all about the lust, because I am the Prince of Lust.  I have the power to rule over that one single sinful emotion.  I can pour it out in every human heart.  Bring them to their knees and get them begging, begging to receive that kind of wonderful emotion.  Begging for more.

I can't however use my power on her, at least not deliberately.  But being an archdemon, it was somehow difficult to control it.  Just like what happened to her in the airport lounge.  My voice that could lull anyone to sleep affected her and that was even without my control.  Another incident was when I touched her bare shoulder for the first time last night. I knew then she felt the scalding heat of my hand.  It was a good thing I was able to control it immediately; otherwise, she would have turned to ashes in my front.

Being me is the very reason why I am staying a short distance away from her, but just like the past where I can't keep my hands off of her, I am the same now. My eyes could show it, my desire for her, and I know she can see through it too, know it one hundred percent because I can actually read her mind.

If she says I am looking at her like I was stripping her naked, then she was exactly right.  I am really stripping her naked.  I am already fucking her through my eyes.  I am already having lewd thoughts on her just by looking.  Yes.  I want to fuck her. Fuck her senseless.  I am the demon of lust in the first place.  It's my nature to be lustful.  I am meant to be this way.  You can't find fault in that.

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