Heirs - Masquerade (1/2)

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There was no better feeling than winning. Letting himself feel any other emotion, bad or good, was a luxury Young Do couldn't afford if he wanted to keep the family business alive. He wouldn't be like his father. He would honor the name Choi.

The three-month negotiations to acquire a resort in Jeju Island had been a marathon, especially with the RH Hotel making a bigger offer at the last minute. In the end, Young Do had managed to find the extra funds and win the deal.

The night was just starting. Taking in the view of Seoul displayed behind the large window of his office, Young Do treated himself with a glass of wine before going back to work. All by himself. And this was how it was meant to be. When the name Myung Soo flashed across the screen of his cell phone, he cancelled the call. Twice.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you're ignoring my calls," Myung Soo said, walking in after a light knock on the door.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you're ignoring the fact that I'm ignoring your calls."

Myung Soo flashed him a bright smile as he helped himself a glass of wine from the bottle left on the desk. "What are we celebrating?"

"I signed an important deal this afternoon. You?"

"Everything is ready for my first exhibit. I was on my way home and I just wanted to be sure you'd be here tomorrow night, you know..." Myung Soo stood by his side. "Considering how you've been ignoring my calls for the past two hours and all. You're still coming, right?"

"I even got my schedule clear tomorrow afternoon."

"I am so touched," he commented with a dramatic sigh. "Can't say that about everybody."

"Your parents still won't come?"

"I sent them an invitation. We'll see if they're ready to see how much of a failure their son is," Myung Soo added as a toast that didn't hide the hint of sadness in his voice. Turning away from the crown and future his father had prepared for him had been the most difficult decision of his life... Even Young Do hadn't dared to stray away from the path set for him. That was the reason he had let Myung Soo stay at one of his hotels for a year nearly for free when his father cut his allowance once they came back from their military service. There wasn't much else Myung Soo would have let Young Do help him out with. His life, his struggle, he had reminded Young Do as they celebrated with chicken wings and beer the first studio Myung Soo managed to rent with his savings. This shabby space 5 years ago had put him on his way to become known as a photographer even on the international scene.

"Do you want me to say you're the best to cheer you up? Because I won't," Young Do stated.

"If being a photographer was the only problem..." Myung Soo quietly sighed, his dark expression turning back into his usual smile a few second later. "But thanks for saying it. Anyway, do you have a date for tomorrow night?"

Young Do took a sip of wine. "Do I need one?"

"But your last girlfriend was like... three months ago?"

"Again. Do I need a date?"

"So you're officially single?"

Young Do glanced at him. "Since when have you been so interested in my love life?"

"I've always been interested in your love life. And let's just say that I might know som—"

"Don't," Young Do warned him and let out an annoyed grunt at Myung Soo's pout. "Stop trying to be cute."

"So as I was saying, there's this girl that I know. She's a model. She's 22 and she's just adorable."

"So what makes you think I'd be interested?"

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