58 - Love In My Blood (part 1)

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Non famous Neymar Imagine .



I was walking alone on the sidewalk , it was night and I was returning from my friend's place at 1 am.

I didn't notice what time it was since my friend was having a party at her place but she got really drunk so me being the person that doesn't drink had keep her from doing something stupid .

The street lights where flickering on and off which was weird because usually this part of town never had problems with lighting .

I shrugged checking my phone for any messages or notifications .

Hearing a sound from the alleyway next to where I stopped my head snapped to the dark path.

Some more ruffling sounded , I walked into it and looked around.

"Hello ?"I called 

In response I felt a cold breath past me .

"You shouldn't be out alone at this time."I heard a cold manly voice coming from behind me .

I took a sharp turn looking at the man standing there .

Crimson red eyes stared at me making me shiver , a smirk placed itself on his lips making me feel uncomfortable at the sigh of really sharp teeth, fangs like.

"Who are you ?" I asked him .

In a swift motion he had me pinned to the wall .

"who is not the question." he smirked showing his fangs at full size.

"wh-what are you ?" I asked him trembling.

He laughed darkly nuzzling his face into my neck.

He sniffed a bit and breathed out leaving a cold breath, making a clod shiver run down my spine.

Then he gazed his fangs across my neck making me take a sharp intake of breath .

"Vampire " he whispered harshly in my neck then a sharp pain my neck took over me as he bit into me making dark spots cover my vision as I blacked out going limp into his arms.


Part 2 coming tomorrow.






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