I woke up remembered that I was trying to sit down on the bed but then I must have fell. Then I realized I wasn't in the same room. This room was tan and only had one huge bed in it that I was hooked to with belts. I tried to get free but there wasn't any use trying. I waited waited then I was just about to doze off when 4 men walked into the room, the one man I have seen before because he had kidnapped me but the other I had no idea. "Well lets get this started, I go first because I can't wait any longer!" Said Riley. "FOR WHAT??!!" I screamingly asked. "Oh baby your going to have the time of your life." Adam said. Riley jumped on the

Bed and began to wrip off my clothes. I was going to go to a party with a skirt

on so I decided not to wear underwear. Shit that wasn't good. I started crying like a little baby but I wasn't I was 15 I told myself."Let's get going the other guys want a turn!"said Riley. "No, I don't want to!" He started to ripped off the rest of my clothes and I only had a bra on.

"Oh so your one of those girls who don't wear underwear huh I like those girls" Riley said and smiled. He started kissing my neck and I screamed and was crying. The other guys were cheering and laughing. He then ripped his clothes off. What am I suppose to do? "NOOO PLEASE DON'T DO THIS PLEASE!!!" "Moan or I cut." I was so scared and I had to or he would cut me.


He was inside me now. It hurts so bad. "Alright Riley I think you've had enough its my turn now" Adam said. "No I just got started!" I pulled Riley off her and got started. "Motherfucker I'm getting her again then" said Riley. I was inside her but at least I was gentle. But oh shit I forgot a rubber. Whatever I thought.


"It's my turn now!" There was blood all over the sheets but whatever. Ashley was crying and yelling no. This was her last one. "STOP CRYING NOW!" "NOOO LEAVE ME ALONE." After I finished and I drugged Ashley. Me and the guys then went to get something to eat.


I woke up in terrible pain. The sheets that were white now have blood all over them from me. I got off the bed and looked around. I found a black jacket. Thank god there was a cell phone in it, I called my mom.

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