Dr. Frost - Ice Fire

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There are only few moments when everything felt perfect. Sometimes, human beings are so busy chasing this moment that they don't feel it when they're living it. Not Yoon Seung Ah. She had tasted regrets, bitterness, sadness, despair, so she enjoyed every moment of happiness like today. And it was even better to share it with someone she loved.

"For someone who just got her project approved, you look rather calm, Dean Yoon," Ha Jin commented, glancing up from his tablet as they were both sitting at an end of the sofa.

She lightly kicked his foot. "Don't call me that."

"But that's what you are. Yoon Seung Ah. The youngest dean Yongang University ever had."

"Please don't remind me."

He avoided her kick this time. "You do realize what you have accomplished and you're just 33?"

Having a boyfriend as a cheerleader in any circumstance could be nice, but it was mostly more pressure to live up to his expectations. Still, Seung Ah pasted a smile on her face.

"My priority is the research center, though. There are still so many things to do... Now that I have the political backup, I have to find people to work with me," she said, showing him a list of names.

"Those are psychiatrists?"

"The best in Korea. If they all accept to work part-time, this center will help so many people... Can you imagine?"

"It would be nice, indeed... Didn't you ask... what's his name again? Frozen? Dr. Frozen?"

Seung Ah smiled as she lightly tapped his foot with her notepad. "You know it's Frost, not Frozen."

"You've been telling me for years that he's the best. Shouldn't he be the one you ask first?"

She cleared her throat. "I should, right? He's kind of a loner, though."

"But you say he enjoys being surrounded by people."

"To observe them. Not because he actually enjoys being with them."

"Well, this is what your research center is about, right?"

He had a point. "We haven't talked to each other in five years. That is a sign, right?"

"That he's bad at staying in touch? You told me yourself that—"

"Do you remember everything I say?"

Ha Jin smiled. "Dr. Frost is the only thing you talked about during our first three dates."

"I did not."

"Trust me, you did. And to tell you the truth... I was even a little bit jealous. You made him sound so amazing that I thought you wouldn't give me a chance."

Seung Ah cringed inside at the sound of her fake laugh. "I admit that I was a bit of a fan."

"Hm, you still are," he agreed with a not-so genuine smile. The doorbell rang. "That must be the delivery guy."

Seung Ah quietly sighed as he left the living room. He looked like a model even in his most casual outfit for a quiet dinner at home. If it weren't for them meeting at a seminar, she would have never believed he was a surgeon. However, it was the empathy he showed when he talked about his volunteer work in other countries that made her accept to exchange business cards at some point that evening. What would a handsome 39-year-old surgeon want to do with a girl like her? Still, he e-mailed her on a regular basis when he was away and when he was in Korea they went out on what she considered as dates the fifth time. No men had ever looked at her the way he did or made her felt the way he did.

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