That Uptight Man

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"SIGE NA, GABBIE?" I pleaded together with my pouty lips and puppy eyes. Kanina ko pa siya pinipilit pero kahit ano'ng gawin ko, talagang hindi ang sinasagot niya sa akin.

She gave out an exasperated sigh and sipped her iced coffee. She looked really torn between giving in to my whims and standing by her belief. "I don't know. Alam mo naman kung gaano kahirap kausapin si Dane, 'di ba?"

Don't I know?

I could only just nod. I've been studying here for the past three years but never once did I get the chance para kausapin si Dane. Every time I would try... para akong aatakihin sa puso palagi! I swear that man would be the death of me!

"Pretty please?" I said, trying to run out my luck.

Everyday for the past years, I would pester Gabbie para ipakilala ako kay Dane. She's his best friend and I befriended her para may common friends kami ng soulmate ko! Yeah, I get it, user ako. But could I care less? She's the only way para mapalapit ako kay Dane! And I've come to like Gabbie and her peculiar ways sometimes. And besides, Dane was way too out of my league. Not that I am saying na wala akong kwentang babae, I have my moments pero once you see him, intimidation would be your implicit response.

He rarely smiles.

He never talks with his eyes.

It's like... he's dead.

"Okay, fine, I'll try," she said, giving up to my whims.

I smiled and clapped my hands.

"Yey! Thanks, Gabbie! The best ka talaga!"

She rolled her eyes while returning my embrace. "Yeah, yeah. Say that pagkatapos ka niyang isnob-in."

I only gave her a small smile and walked my way out of the coffee shop. I was sure I'd have a hard time because Dane's no ordinary guy... but that only made me want him more. Para kasing mas challenging. Mas may chase. May masarap sa pakiramdam kapag finally, nakuha mo na.

Pumasok na ako sa class ko since I could not afford to fail this course. Masyado na akong madaming absences dahil sumisilip ako minsan kay Dane sa archery class niya. Could you blame me? I'm just a... lady in love. Or maybe I was already out of bounds but I would always end up justifying my actions when it comes to Dane. Parang palaging may dahilan kahit minsan, alam ko na para na akong baliw na nakasunod sa kanya.

Some say it's a preposterous idea kasi not once ko pa nakausap si Dane pero eto ako, ang lakas ng loob sabihin na mahal ko si Dane. But they don't know how it feels!

They don't feel the butterflies in my stomach whenever he's around.

They don't have their heart skip a beat whenever I stare at his face.

They don't know how my stomach clenched into knots when he shot me a stray glance.

They just don't get it.

During the class, I tried my best to concentrate. Nabalitaan ko kasi na ga-graduate with highest Latin honor si Dane kaya eto ako, umaasa na kahit Cum Laude lang makuha ko. Ayaw ko namang maging kahiya-hiya kung magiging boyfriend ko siya tapos ang pangit ng transcript ko!

After class, I immediately went out para kunin yung sasakyan ko. Pupunta akong mall para maghanap ng damit! I would be meeting Dane for the first time tomorrow! As in first time! Palagi kasi akong nagkaka cold feet pag malapit na siya. This time, sisiguraduhin ko na mapapansin na niya ako! Three years of waiting in vain was already enough!

Hinahanap ko yung susi ng sasakyan ko sa purse ng may nakabunggo ako. I was about to say sorry but... He walked away.

And ignored me. Like he always does.

Like Dane always does.


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