Austin Carlile One Shot

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“Shaylee! Guess who’s home!” I heard his voice ring throughout my apartment. I jumped off the couch and ran to the front door where he stood. We stood in silence for a moment, just smiling and taking each other in. In just two strides, he was in front of me and I was soon in his arms. My boyfriend, Austin Carlile, had been on tour for the last 3 months. I missed everything about him, his eyes, his scent, and especially his tattoos. Even his little tick that he cant wear the same boxers twice. His soft lips attacked my face and neck. “Mr. Carlile! You’re feeling a little frisky!” My breath hitched on my last word, as he had found my sweet spot. “Well, after not seeing my lovely girlfriend for 3 months, I think I should give her something she really needs.” Oh god. He was speaking in that voice that just…gets me going sometimes. His warm breath traveled down my neck and soon he was kissing my collarbones.

            He dug his hands into my thighs as he walked upstairs, towards our bedroom. We had been living together for about a year now, and it was lovely. We entered the room and he threw me on the bed and ripped off his shirt. Next thing I knew, he was hovering over me and toying with the hem of my shirt. “Shaylee, you have the most beautiful body of any girl I’ve ever met. Sweet lord.” I giggled and grabbed his neck, crashing his lips into mine. Our lips began to move in sync, and clothes began to disappear. I traced his tattoos down his chest and soon found his hard member. A deep growl escaped his lips as I started pumping up and down. A smile played at my lips as his hands reached down and went to work. Oh my how long I had waited for this.

            I pulled his face into mine and kissed him hard. His tongue swiped my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I teased him, making him kiss me harder. When I finally let him in, he had positioned his hips right above mine. He broke our kiss for a second to look at me with questioning eyes. I smiled and bit my lip, receiving a giant smile from him. He entered me quickly and went to work, and oh boy he was so good at it. He went slowly at first but picked up the pace after a few minutes. I had missed him so much. There was so much passion with every movement. His breathing began to hitch, signaling that he was nearing his end. I flipped him on his back and topped him. A goofy smile crossed his face and he grabbed my hips, gliding them back and forth. Soon I was on my back again, dragging my nails down his back out of ecstasy.

            Soon his thrusts became sloppy, and with one final thrust me moaned ‘Shaylee’ and triggered my finish. He rolled off of me, sweaty and breathing hard. I turned onto my side and he followed, pulling me close to him. ‘Oh baby I forgot how amazing you were at this. I would see girls that looked like you and tear up because I knew they weren’t you. I love you.’ He kissed my hair and began to drift off. ‘I love you too Austin.’ Our breathing slowed and soon we were both asleep.

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