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My breath was heavy, my legs hurt and I felt sick to my stomach. I urged myself to keep going, to keep running, just a little bit longer. I ran alongside the others, hoping to make it back to the orphanage in time. Everywhere I looked there was death, people puking blood, collapsing on the floor, dying, all around us.
     "Your attention please. Due to foolish humans, a deadly virus has spread. Unfortunately, the human race will perish."
     After what seemed like forever, we made it to the orphanage. The nine of us ran inside, once we entered the building we were met with the sight of the director lying still on the ground.
     "Mika, I don't think she's breathing," Akane worriedly spoke.
     "Yu, look after everyone! Director, can you hear me?!" Mika shook her, trying to get some kind of response. The voice on the loud speaker then continued "However, we know that the virus will not affect children that are thirteen years of age and younger. Therefore, the direct unit of the Third Progenitor, Krul Tepes, is currently collecting the children of this district. From this day forward you will be under our protection."
     I turned my head to the right, noticing a hooded figure outside the glass door. I nudged Yu, who I was standing next to, and he turned to look my way. The figure raised his hand and shattered, causing me to fall to the ground along with the others. We all huddled together, Akane putting her hands on my shoulders, I felt her shaking. I looked the other way and saw another figure closing in on us.
     The figures took us away and loaded us into large trucks with other children from around the district. I huddled up next to Mika, locking my arms securely around his right arm, his left arm embracing me.
     "Mika...where do you think they're taking us?" I whispered into his ear.
     "I don't know."

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Owari no Seraph ©Takaya Kagami

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