Chapter twenty-five

[Blake’s POV]

“We’ve searched everywhere!” I cried desperately. “There’s no button, no lever, no nothing to get us out of here!”

I had started to grow anxious and the small confined space was closing in on me. In reality I knew it wasn’t that small but the smells were throwing memories of the caves back to me and I swear I was beginning to lose my mind. My eyes were darting around from corner to corner as I was stuck within my own crazed turmoil that I hadn’t noticed Helena run over to me and was holding my face between her hands.

“Blake you need to calm down!” She cooed calmly to me. Her voice was always calm and soothing and as I listened to her my breathing began to slow down. “Are you okay now?” she eyed me carefully.

I nodded and suddenly felt ashamed at my behaviour. “Yeah, sorry. The smells... it’s getting to me. It reminds me of the caves when Malum had us”

A shiver wracked her body while her face contorted into a worried expression. In the corner of my eyes I saw something move and I was quick to spin around pushing Helena behind me. The smells of mildew and dust were forgotten along with my anxiety to escape as I searched the deathly silent room for whatever had caught my eye.

“What’s wrong?” Helena whispered. I didn’t respond. For anything to be moving around in a dank and dirty hidden room couldn’t be good news. I continued to search and just as I was beginning to think I had imagined it, I saw it again in the darkest corner by the box television.

My eyes widened and, even though I knew it was useless, I shouted out as I threw icy, fiery flames at the corner. Icicles clung to every surface it touched, I’d had enough of this room to care about any damage I inflicted on it. The room was beginning to freeze as I followed its swift movements and in a matter of seconds icy blue flames danced on top of the sofa and television as well as the table.

I don’t know what the hell it was doing watching us, but I had had enough.

[Val’s POV]

The Control and Mr Obsidian were facing the rest of us as Sicilianna’s pale blue eyes stared us down. I recalled once last year Derrek telling me that Fire-ableds had a tenancy to be controlled more by their emotions, and the emotion radiating out from Sicilianna was pure anger. It matched mine perfectly.

“Are you seriously blaming us for Blake going missing?” I cried in shock and anger. “No one had any idea that you were all coming down to take the Elementals away, how could we have had the chance to warn them, let alone hide one Elemental?!”

Faint orange and red flames danced along Sicilianna’s shoulders and she continued to glower at us, at me in particular. Tatiana placed a gentle hand on her shoulder and after a second her eyes cooled and the faint flames disappeared as she stepped back.

“Valerie is right Sicilianna” Tatiana pushed gently. “No one was to know of our surprise visit. However, seeing as the over ruling conclusion is that they are too dangerous, we must continue the search and bring them back to keep an eye on them”

Tatiana reminded me so much of Helena and how she had the strange ability to calm people down. Sicilianna looked visibly more relaxed and began to talk to the other leaders, however I was suddenly distracted by the frame of ice that was edging around the wall in a rectangular shape.

“Uhh...” I murmured in confusion. Derrek looked over to me before following my gaze. His eyes widened and soon the other Elementals were watching too. The ice continued to fill the rectangular shape and it began to look like a door.

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