Tru Love

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Hey guys my name's Trudy, but lord knows I hate that name with a passion, so ever since I was a little girl my family and friends have called me Tru. I'm 5'6, mixed with White, Black, and Puerto Rican, and covered in tattoos. I live in Alexandria, Virginia. I live a double life as a fem/stud. My family doesn't really like the fact that I am a lesbian so around them I'm a fem and dress girly, which I hate doing, but as soon as I hit the streets I become what one would call the daddy type. Today I have to go to church with my grandma because today is her last day visiting. She came from Maine to visit me for my birthday. I just turned 18 so I'm finally a legal adult. I honestly hate going to church with her though. It's not that I don't believe in god, its just that im uncomfortable being in a place that puts me down for being me. God is supposed to be all about love and understanding but all most of his people do is hate on the LGBTQ community and say how who we are is a sin. Now let me get back to me before I rant about human rights. I'm a junior in High school and about to be a senior. Yes, I know I should already be a senior and no I did not fail, I started a year late. I've had my fair share of relationships but every one ends in heartbreak and misery. So from now on im on a break and Im taking time to invest in myself.

My bestfriends name is Kaimaria (ky-mar-ia) Kai for short. We've known each other since birth, like literally, we were born the same day and were put right next to each other in the baby viewing room. And that's how our mom's met. Our moms are bestfriends and we've always lived in the same neighborhood. She started school on time so she was a grade higher then me until freshman year of highschool when she got held back. Shes about 5'4, shes also a stud, and she has a 1 and a half year old son. Her father had been molesting her for about 2 and a half years. She found out she was pregnant after she finally reported it to the police. She thought about having an abortion but I talked her out of it. I'm glad I did because now I have a beautiful godson named Jerimiah Ivan Smith. After her father got locked up, she decided to move in with me and my mom and my mother basically adopted her as her own. Kai and her mother became disconnected after her father went to prison, her mother always blamed Kai for what happened to her. She [kai's mom] is still living a few blocks away but Kai decided to stay with us.

Her girlfriends name is Sandra, she's 17, a fem, and they have been together for about 2 years. I'm very protective of Kai so I've never really trusted her girlfriend. I have a feeling she's cheating on Kai but everytime I mention it to her, she never listens to me and thinks I'm crazy. I actually know for a fact that Sandra has cheated on Kai because I saw her kissin' up on a stud that everyone around town knows that goes by the name Jax. And when I mentioned it to Kai she said she asked Sandra and came back with nothing. You would think your best friend of many years would believe you over her hoe of a girlfriend but of course not Kai, she's just so damn stubborn. I just hope she realizes Sandra's not as good as she thinks she is before anything worse happens.

My mothers name is Stephanie. She's about 5'9, 34 years old, which means she had me when she was 16, and is 4 months pregnant with my baby brother or sister. We dont know the sex of the baby yet but her next appointment is next friday so we should know by then. Me and the baby have different dads. my mom had a one night stand after going to the club and has yet to find the father of the baby. I love my mom to death but she hasn't always accepted the fact that her daughter is gay, will marry a woman, and will never go back to being straight.

My fathers name is Jeremy, he was 45 years old and was the only thing I had as support. My father surprisingly is the only one in my family that excepted the fact that I was gay from the day I came out. I came out about 5 years ago and my dad was the only one who didn't give me shit about it. Hes also the only one that knew I was a stud besides my friends and people at school. My dad was my everything, but he died about 2 years ago. He was a General in the United States Marine Core. He was in the marines for a good 23 years and when he came home he suffered from a disease called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder also known as PTSD. My dad went through anxeity, depression, ocd, you name it, he had it. He was only home for a month and a half when I came home and found him hanging from his shower rod. Ever since that day I haven't been the same and Kai has helped me through it all.

(A/N Hey guys, soooooo if you've read my book before you might notice I edited this and going to edit the chapters after this. I started this book when I was like 15 and there were a lot of mistakes and things that didn't make sense. Anyway, I hope y'all enjoy my book. Thank you )

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