Pirate!Britain x Mermaid!Reader

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This was also requested by @Namichan_ and I hope you enjoy this! Also, don't be afraid to request anything whether it be like, doctor!nation or like police!reader or something. As long as its in English, I can most likely write it. I have way more inspiration than a person should normally have XD
Britain's P.O.V.

Of course I lost more crew members.. All because of the mermaids and they're singing and luring them to their deaths.

They were a giant pain and I ppanned to kill at least one of them to get my point across. I'm getting tired of loosing at least one crew member a week.

Tonight, I had a plan.

They lured men to their deaths with their singing, correct? So if I eliminate that sence temporarily, I'd be able to get close enough to them without getting put in that trance.

I put on the muffs that would block out the sound and put the revolver in my back pocket.

It was about midnight and I took a rowboat and lowered it with me inside.

Rowing, I got a good fifty feet away from my ship and waited.

Sure enough, I saw the creatures circle the boat.

I put my hand on the revolver, holding it there and waiting.

They all surfaces the water, and they were all bloody beautiful.

Sure, enough, their lips were moving but I couldn't hear a thing.

I quickly pulled out the revolver and pointed it at the closest one to me but my muffs were ripped off, leaving me vulnerable.

I froze and my eyes widened as they started to sing once again, and by now they were a little over halfway through. The song was amazingly beautiful...

" My sailor is as smiling as the pleasant month of May,

And oft we have wandered through Ratcliffe Highway,"

Slowly, my arm lowered and the gun dropped out of my hand and hit the wood softly.

"Where many a pretty blooming girl we happy did behold,

Reclining on the bosom of her jolly sailor bold.

Come all you pretty fair maids, whoever you may be,"

My eyes went half lidded as I was pulled into the trance and I started grinning.

"Who love a jolly sailor bold that ploughs the raging sea,

While up aloft, in storm or gale, from me his absence mourn,

And firmly pray, arrive the day, he home will safe return.

My name it is Maria, a merchant's daughter fair,"

The singing mermaid reached up and placed two fingers under my chin. Longing for more of her touch, I leaned down into her hand as she slowly pulled it away.

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