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"stop yapping your mouth kassie." i rolled my eyes as I opened my locker. "i swear! it's been going around since yesterday!" she buzzed. i looked in my mirror, reapplying my neon pink lipstick as i puckered my lips. "lies, lies, and more lies." i laughed as i smeared it in.

  "it's true!" she claimed. i nodded my head.

  "like stassie going out with nash." i sighed.

  she shook her head. "exactly!" i closed my locker.

  "okay, number one: it's not true and number two: nothing of what your saying is true." i paced down the hallway.

  "you never believe anything people say! You're so in denial." she huffed. "i'm not, i'm just smart." i flinged my hair.

  "he likes you!"

"ugh, stop saying that!" okay, for the pass 2 weeks kassie, my best friend, has been telling me the all-star football player, hayes, likes me and she's wrong. everyone's wrong! why would popular, good-looking hayes grier like me? what guy would ever like me? come on be real people!

  "do you see the way i'm dressed?" i pointed to my fluffy, long, white tutu, graphic minion shirt, vest, and pink converse. i loved my style, no matter if no one else did. anyways, what i'm saying is hayes grier, the brother of one of the most popular seniors would be in to me? never in life even if i wanted it to happen which i don't!

  "i love your style and plus i seen him checking you out sometimes in algebra class." she nudged. that sounds so weird.

  "that's what you want to see." we finally entered the hoard of all classes. math class. kassie, i love her but i really wish she would shut up. "hey baby girl!" taylor walked up to kassie, placing a kiss on her left cheek. taylor to the rescue. that'll definitely keep her in a spell.

  "hey tay baby!" she hugged his neck. tay baby? i stood there, low key third-wheeling. "hey maya!" taylor waved. i waved back. taylor, taylor caniff, also in hayes grier's circle. not much of a jerk but still a jerk. some how he stoled my best friend's heart so now he's my.....*shivers*.......brother.

   i shuffled away as giggles bubbled in the air. i took my casual seat in the back corner where i usually lay my head on the wall and sleep. snoozing for a bruising. see what i did there.

   i glanced to the opposite side of me to only see the most well known gang around. a no name but a very well-known gang. kassie's popularity status went sky high when taylor asked her out and, well, for me, still nothing. still a weirdo, bottom-feeder in the sea and they are the vicious sharks. i glimpse at hayes, finally noticing that he has gorgeous, blue eyes. they're like crystals and his pearly smile complements them very well that it's almost attractive. he was laughing and it was cute. his nose wrinkled and his smile like a kid.

   he caught my glance and i quickly turned away, beet red in the face. why make it so obvious maya? the one time i check him out i get caught, great. apparently, he noticed and called out my name.

   "hey maya!" he shouted over the crowd of people. i hesitated for a second but i got caught so time to face the time. i turned to him, pretending to be annoyed.

   "grier." he smirked.

   "oh, don't act like that mckay. i saw you." he leaned over his desk.

   "you saw nothing." i drew on the desk, doodling. he got up from his seat, walking towards one next me where sat ollie landin, a wallflower. hayes slammed his hand on the desk, startling the brunette.

   "back off grier." i grunted through my teeth. ollie was a nice kid, shy but nice. i had every right to stand up for him. he chuckled at ollie then turned to me with a smirk.

   "thanks maya but i'll just take a seat in the front." he hustled to grab his things and then went to a far, front seat. i rolled my eyes at him.

   "you're such a jerk grier." i spat looking ahead of me. he's a bully, everyone knew.

   "but you love me." he taunted.

   "never." he pulled my desk to him as he leaned to my ear.

   "liar." he's forehead rested on mine as his lips stand close to my ear. he's breathe swept my ear and neck. he's attempt to frighten me was working, but was that was he trying to do or does it just come naturally. i shoved him off of me only for him to bring me back.

   the door slung open, revealing our principle. hayes pushed my desk back against the wall and turned his attention towards the high authority. he voice boomed but not enough to despair my thoughts. what just happened? i couldn't wrap it around my head.

   "since ms. gerald isn't present...." he took a deep breath. students were on the edge of their seats. "free period." he gulped between his forbidding words. the class broke into chaos, people fleed out the class, probably hopping in cars or roaming the halls. for me, i stand in a daze. the way he made me shiver and jittery, my heart was racing like i just drunk coffee. i thought about every second, minute, word that slipped out his mouth and not just that, his actions.

  "mckay, ya coming?" hayes aksed, smiling as if satisfied at what he done. time to play tough maya.

   "out the door but not with you." i scoffed. my mean side faded, i didn't even sound annoyed. this is a disaster. i grabbed my things and made my way around the other side to get the rest. when i got up, a pair of blue eyes meet my delicate brown ones. i walked away, turning red...again.

   once out the door, a voice called after me. i know what you're thinking, it was hayes but no my little butter beans, it was nash. the older but less jerky grier brother.

   "do you griers ever get enough of annoying me or is it your guy's hobby?" i turned to face him, another blue eyes. he gave a sly smile and said:

   "nah, it's just....it's just o-"

   "let me guess, our thing?" i started walking and the senior followed close behind.

   " correct." i pushed through the doors, letting sunshine expose into the darken hallways. the wind was blowing and birds chirped a song only if nash wasn't here right now, this would be perfect. i slide down my favorite blossom tree and received a strange look from hamilton grier.

   "i usual sit here during free period." i informed, he noded and sat by me. i took out my sketchbook just to finish a little drawing i started. nash leaned over and admired my work.

   "you can really draw maya!" i smiled and said thank you. it's kind of weird one of the popular guys were talking to me just like hayes. apparently something's up. 

   "so why did you, mmm, you know call after me?"

   "oh, well me and hayes are throwing a party tomorrow and on friday after the game and we wondered if you want to come?" they're inviting me, and wait, pause, "we"? maybe it'll be fun so i took the offer.

   "yeah, sounds fun."

   "cool, see you later." he smiled at me and got up, dusting off his jeans. he waved me goodbye and shoved his hands in his pocket. i smiled and started back to sketch. suddenly, it hit me.

   did i just say yes to a party? oh noo! 

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