For all ganda fans out there, I would like to say my opinion on why I didn't continue the second part of this story.

First and foremost, the second story for me is really challenging. Because most of the chapters you will read in the second part is in drama mood. But the problem is how, because personally, I'm not that 'showy' to experience some drama to have some ideas on how will the flow of the story will be good as the first one.

Second, because of the hectic schedule, during last year, I am a NAMCYA Choir member and we're expected to go home late due to the rehearsing of song (it is not easy to remember especially if you're hungry or even tired!)

And last, writer's block. Fuck that disease! I don't like the feeling of uninspired, especially if there are times, you sudden forgot the original flow for the upcoming chapters.

I know that is really late to open my opinion about the sudden change of my decision. But from all the words I said earlier, I would like to say, thank you guys for being there and for the support you gave for this story. I will try my best to finish the editing for this book. I hope you understand why I delete the second part of this book.

Sincerely Yours,

Kuya! Bakit Anganda Mo? ️(COMPLETED) #WATTYS2015Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!