Omg why!!!

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Niomies pov


Shaun called again. all of a sudden he was close to me and my breath started to hitch. ivan was in front of zahra and kai was in front of lilah the same way shaun was to me.

Niomie: w..wh..wha..what w..want. Shit i stuttered

Shaun: i need your help on something

Niomie: u have whores all around the school. Ask them to help

I then turned around and walked away until i was grabbed by my wrist and picked up and then thrown over a shoulder
I look around to see boys smirking and girls throwing dirty glares on my direction
Shaun: I already asked you the easy way but you wouldn't listen
Niomie: just put me down and I'll help you
I looked at zahra and lilah to give them as-soon-as-they-put-you-down-RUN
they nodded and the boys complied to put us down. as soon as my feet touched the floor I bolted through the halls not looking where I'm going with zahra and lilah behind me doing the same

⭐️⭐️Shaun's pov⭐️⭐️
They ran like there lives depended on it. I looked at the boys and they got my cue and we ran after them. Why would they run away from us. Usually girls want us and won't leave us alone. She's different and pretty.
Wait what, I must hit my head or something

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