Chapter 4 - A Taste Of Fear

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          I immediately spun around to exit the store feeling partly infuriated, partly embarrassed

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I immediately spun around to exit the store feeling partly infuriated, partly embarrassed.

Infuriated - with Eriol of course, because he didn't so much as warn me beforehand that it was a flipping pleasure shop! What kind of a butler is he?!

Embarrassed - with myself, because obviously it was my poor choice.  How would I know?  I am innocent on these kinds of erotica equipment.  Never had I seen one before.  But now, my eyes felt like it was being ripped out of its sockets and tossed into the holy water to be cleansed.

When I was some distance away from the store, I turned around and shot Mr. Hot Butler a cold glare.

"You want something Milady?" he smoothly asked.  Freaking smoothly asked!  The cover of my simmering pot immediately sky-rocketed in the air.

"I can't believe you just let me walk into that store!"  I shouted but instantly regretted my move.  I immediately looked around and found that some passers-by already stared at us.  I'm pretty sure what was in their brains was a comment of us, two lovers, quarreling, but hell no, they are so wrong.

"My apologies, Milady.  I thought it was what you wanted.  You seemed to be so curious of the vibrators you were staring at in the window," he coolly said, bowing at the same time.

I felt most of my blood flooded in my face.  It was so embarrassing to hear those words and to add fuel to the fire, he was so calm and so collected while telling me that.  What a seriously insensitive, hot, apathetic, sexy lapdog he is!

"No! I wasn't!"  I stressed out, painstakingly trying to mellow my voice down.  "If anything, you should know that I am innocent in those kinds of stuff.  I am a virg-"

I choked.  I believe I should stop ranting now before I tell this man my precious horde of secrets.  He looked like he was waiting for me to continue though; no doubt already having a suspicion as to what I was about to say.

I avoided his gaze.  "Anyway, we should...we should go.  I still have some postcards to buy,"  I said after calming myself down.  This time, I turned my attention to the department store of the mall.  At least this area, I am sure, sells wholesome items to wholesome people.

Our morning went by the usual way.  Luckily, I was able to buy postcards in a book store and some apparel for my mother and step-dad, which I am sure she will be thrilled.

Eriol mostly did all the hard work, hand-carrying all of my shopping bags like a normal butler would do.  However, I did notice most of the women we pass by turn their heads on him.

Tsk.  Women.  They actually looked like drooling hyenas ready to fall prey on a mighty, meaty hotdog.

I wonder if I am also included, and I wonder if I sounded like a jealous woman?  Oh, hopefully NOT.

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