Thank You, Dauntless

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Authors note: sorry for not updating in forever! Check out this fourtris video! It's my favorite. I think the song goes well with it too. (I didn't make it though) I know a lot of you want more fourtris fluff and that's coming don't worry!!!

It's 2 o'clock when I hear a knock on the door, I look in the window by the door and see that it's Christina and all my other friends. What do they want? I think to myself. I take a deep breath to calm down, and open the door.

"Hey!" They all say with a forgiving voice. Christina is holding a box of chocolates.

"Here, I know they're your favorite." She hands the box to me. I smile at her.

"We're all really sorry how we laughed about your fear, it was really mean. As friends we should've helped you, and instead we laughed. And that was horrible. We just hope you can forgive us because you're the best friend ever." Christina apologizes, with the rest of the gang nodding.

"Thanks guys, I forgive you." I say and hug Chris. I hug everyone else after.

Tobias comes back with food from the dining hall, as I'm hugging Uriah.

"Hey, what'd I miss?" Tobias says a little irritated. Is he jealous?

"We just came to say sorry about last night." Uriah says.

I smile and nod.

"Well I got dauntless cake," Tobias says. Everyone cheers. "For me and Tris." He finishes with a smirk.

I smile and follow him into the apartment.

"Thanks again guys!" I say.

"Yeah! We're really sorry, thanks for forgiving us." Uriah replies.

Tobias and I go sit down at the kitchen counter. He takes the dauntless cake out of the brown bag and hands me a piece.

"Thank you," I say and smile at him.

"Yeah of course," Tobias says.

The cake is perfect. It's spongy texture makes my mouth water. I think this is what I like most about living in dauntless. Besides Tobias and my friends of course.

When we finish the cake, I suddenly burst out laughing.

"What?" Tobias wears a confused face. A confused face covered in chocolate.

"You-have-chocolate-all over-your-face!" I say in between laughs.

He smirks and raises one eyebrow, "Oh and you don't?" He says.

Without warning, he slams his lips to mine. He lifts me up, so I'm straddling his waist and carries me to the couch. My hands are wrapped around his neck and his are wrapped around my upper legs. He swipes his tongue along the corners of my mouth to clean the chocolate off.

"Don't even need a napkin," he smirks against the kiss.

Our tongues tangle together like ropes, fighting to see who wants this more.

When he sits on the couch, I am straddling him and his hands immediately go to my back and pull me closer to him.

My heart flutters as he pulls back and says "I love you so much Tris Prior."

"I love you too Tobias Eaton. So, so much." I say against his lips.

We kiss for awhile, who knows for how long. He doesn't try to go any further. Which I am thankful for. He knows I'm uncomfortable with it all. I'm so grateful to have someone who loves me this much, and to be able to love someone this much. I thank my past self everyday for deciding to transfer to dauntless. It's a good life.

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