Chapter 2: U Gulp & I Kiss

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Gwen's anger at her ex-boyfriend is still coursing through her veins as she jabs at the button by the tall brick building with the glass door.


A few moments later a grainy voice comes through the intercom.


"Hey it's me. Let me up."

"Hey lady."

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

She swings the glass door open and enters the sparse white walled lobby with silver mailboxes lining the far wall, to the elevators. A moment later Gwen turns her head to hear someone just outside the building as she waits for the lift to arrive.

"Hello?" A man's voice.

"Hello Daryl, it's Cynthia."

"Well, hey there sexy I'll buzz you up."

Buzz. Buzz.

The door that Gwen just came through swings open and a moment later a tall brunette with a sexy bob saddles up next to her. She smells of vanilla and peaches. Due to Gwen's petite height, she stands eye level with the brunette's boobs. Her very big, and based on their lack of movement, very fake boobs. Gwen should know a fake boob when she sees it, as hers are equally as large, but very real. Large boobs that are real have movement sometimes to the pain of the person holding them up.

The elevator opens and they both step inside reaching for the same button.

"Oh excuse me." Gwen says as she accidently head butts the woman's leopard print dress covered tits leaning in for the number ten button.

"No problem. You heading up to the tenth floor too?" Her voice is bubbly, which startles Gwen. She expected a sultry deep voice based on the brunette's appearance, but instead she gets bubble gum Barbie.

"Yup, ten, that's me."

"Oh, well you might know Daryl Sutton. He lives on ten. That's who I am visiting."

"Can't say I know him. I'm visiting a friend too, Annalise. She lives on ten."

"Oh okay."

She nods her head and they are quiet for a moment. But, Gwen is not one for awkward silences. They make her itchy and since she has her hands full she decides to talk instead, which is never a good idea.

"Yeah, I just broke up with my boyfriend. She's letting me stay the night until I can find my own place. He was cheating on me."

The leopard woman looks surprised Gwen is relaying all this personal information to her.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Don't be, he sucked in bed and not in the good way. I'm glad to be rid of him."

The door opens and she bolts out the door.

"Nice talking with you." Gwen yells to her as she makes a beeline for the apartment door. She is knocking and tapping her foot obviously hoping the guy opens the door quickly so she doesn't have to acknowledge Gwen again.

Just as Gwen passes her, the door swings open and she bolts inside. It's directly across from Annalise's place so Gwen stops and turns to knock at Annalise's apartment while also trying to listen to the other door. She hears faint mumbling from the other apartment and makes out a few words: crazy, salad and cheating.

Annalise's door swings open.

"There you are lady! What is in that bowl, chocolate caramel? Oh no, what...?" Annalise leans over to smell and gets a surprise, "Chicken salad?"

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