Chapter 2: How It started

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I walked into the big school, looked around, and already knew I didn't want to be here. I looked so out of place. Everyone looked rich and I looked like a hobo. Some people think every rich person has to look alike, but not me. My dad owns a company and he gets a lot of money so that's how they got me into this huge ass school.

As I continued walking, people looked at me weird. I understand, like I said, I don't look like everyone else.

Not until I met The J.M.J's (Jennifer, Meghan and Jamie) they caught my attention at lunch. Well, they caught everyones attention at lunch. They all look the same in a way, beautiful, amazing clothes, expensive looking handbags and expensive looking shoes. They walked in sync and never missed a beat. It was like they were walking to a Beyonce song. The boys had wide mouths, even around their girlfriends and their girlfriends glared evilly at the competition. Two of them had honey blonde hair and and blue eyes and a good tan which girls all died to have and the other had beautiful dark skin she looked latino and she was beautiful, trust me. The way they all had their noses in the air, I could already smell my stereotypical mind seeping in. They looked and seemed snobby af.

Everyone watched as they sat a table, reserved for them. It was like a movie scene out of Mean Girls. I decided to get back to my lunch and ignore everything that was going on.

It wasn't until later I found out I would be accepted in the JMJs.

I have a big family. Im the 2nd oldest out of 6 My dad is usually never home because of his company and my mom is pretty much the happiest person I know. A house with 7 people is pretty hard. Our house is big enough for everyone to have their own room, except for Violet and Taylor (they're both three). We just moved here too (my dad had got transferred).

I sat my bag on the table by the front door and quickly walked upstairs, trying to get to my room. Not until I heard someone call my name and I sighed. I just wanted to relax in my comfy bed.

"Paige! Please come take out the trash! I asked you two days ago." My mom called from the kitchen.

I groaned and walked to the kitchen where my mom was sitting, drinking tea and looking at her phone. My mom is 40 but she looks like she could be mistaken as 29. Shes very pretty with brown hair and light blonde streaks in it. Her hazel eyes are one of the things my dad fell in love with her for.

"How was your first day?" She asked smiling.

I shrugged. "Everyone looks the same; snobby and stuck up. And I look so...different"

"Different isn't bad honey. You're a good different. A weird different." She joked.

"Yeah I am pretty weird I guess." I snorted. I grabbed the garbage and dragged it out the house.

As I walked I felt eyes on me. As I looked to my left, no one was there, so I kept walking to the driveway. We have a pretty big yard.

Then I got a stronger feeling. I felt someone studying me. Thats when I looked to my right and saw a girl on the porch of the house next to me. She looked very familiar. Then she noticed that I noticed her staring and she smiled.

Surprised, I smiled back. Then she stood up and started walking towards me and thats when I noticed who she was. She was one of the JMJs.

She was the most prettiest one; toned skin, and dark hair.

"Hey!" She said.

I turned to look behind me. Was she talking to someone else? Is she mistaking me for a famous person? Some people do think I kinda look like Carrie Underwood.

"Um hi" I smiled sweetly and sat the garbage down where its picked up.

"Hi, I'm Jamie! I can see that you're new here." She held out her hand. "I live next door." She added.

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