Words: 324

Warnings: Cuteness

A/N: This is a dad and daughter like one...


'Dad, would you hurry up?' You said angrily.

'Got somewhere to be, Barton?' Tony asked with a smirk.

'I'm not in the mood, Uncle Tony.' You replied.

'Come here.' He said patting the couch next to him.

You sighed and walked over. Tonight was your first school dance and you didn't know how to dance at all.

'What's wrong?' He asked.

You looked embarrassed at the ground before mumbling an explanation.

'I can't hear you kid, you gotta speak up.' Tony said leaning his ear closer.

You laughed a little before answering.

'I don't know how to dance.' You finally said.

Tony laughed before he noticed you were serious.

'Barton never taught his daughter how to dance? Get up-' He said pulling you with him.

You stumbled to your feet and he stood in front of you.

'I went to a lot of parties in my day so I'm an expert.' He said grinning.

He took your hand and placed one on his shoulder and kept the other in his own.

'Step on my feet.' He ordered.

You stepped on his shoes and he commanded Jarvis to play some music.

'You always want the guy to lead.' He explained.

You nodded as he waltzed you around the room.

'Want to give it a try now?' He asked.

You nodded and stepped off his feet.

'One, two, three-' He counted out with each step.

By the end of your short lesson, you'd improved greatly. 

'Ahhh-' You squealed as he hugged you tight and spun you around.

'Ready to go?' Clint asked smirking.

Tony put you down and you walked towards your father.

'Hey, is there a special guy for tonight?' Tony called out.

'Howard-' You explained.

'We could have saved that lesson if you're going with my son, he's as good as me!' Tony said smirking.

You rolled your eyes before waving him goodbye and leaving with your father.

'You're not allowed to go if Howard is just like Tony.' Clint muttered.

You let out a laugh before driving back to your farm home.

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