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Insane Jerome x Suicidal!Neko!reader

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So, Request will probably be slow...

Y/n pov

I sighed and stared at the razor in my hands, mt ear twitching at the thought of what I was gonna do. "No one cares. I'm a freak. I'm stupid." For everything I said, I made one cut. Soon, I had to go to my other arm. I started crying and slid down the tree I was leaning against. I screamed, "I DESERVE TO DIE!" And made a large cut..going down my arm. I felt the blood spill out and I fell forwards. Instead of the hitting the ground..someone caught me. I fell unconscious before I could see who it was.

I woke up in a soft bed. I sat up quickly, immediately regretting it as pain shot up my arms. I yelped and fell back onto the bed. I tried to get up again, but someone gently held me down, "Stop, you'll hurt yourself more then you already are." I froze and looked at where the voice came from. A..bacca? A bacca stood there. Wait...The eyes were red..Uh oh. At that point. I freaked out, not in a good way. This was Jerome. THE Jerome! He was a ruthless killer. My eyes widened and I tried to get up again. He growled and held me down harder, digging his claws into my skin slightly, "Stop!" I stopped, scared for my life. His grip loosened. "I don't want you hurt." He said in a more calming manor. "Wh-why do y-you care?" I whispered, my ears laying back in fear and confusion. He didn't answer my question, he looked at my arms. I looked at them, they were bandaged? He must have done it. "Why'd you do it?" He asked. I looked down and whispered, "....I-I...I w-wanted to d-die." He frowned and sat beside me, gently taking my arm and looking at it, the one with the large cut in it, "Why?" I teared up, "I-I'm a freak." He looked at me, "No you're not." I started crying and sat up, "Yes I am! Look at me!" I pointed at my ears, my tail flicking around and settling on my lap. He went silent and after a while, he gently touched one of my ears. "You are not a freak. Just because you're a little..different, doesn't make you a freak." I looked up at him, "B-but-" "But nothing." He pulled me onto his lap, causing me to blush. He gently rubbed my ear, "You're beautiful. All those people who said that...Are jealous. They're jealous that they aren't as special and beautiful as you." I blushed more and looked at him, "R-really?" He smiled and nodded. Jerome gently wiped the tears away, "Calm down. Someone as perfect as you shouldn't cry." I was surprised at what he said, "D-do..you m-mean th-that?" I said it quietly. He nodded, "I meant everything I said." I smiled slightly, I wanted to say something, but I was lost for words. (I'm listening to dirty music and my mind keeps going to dark places....) I teared up again, not from sadness this time. For once in my life...I felt loved. He started to moved closer to me, I did the same. I felt a spark between us as our lips touched. It was amazing. I wrapped my arms around his neck, careful not to cause any pain, and he wrapped his around my waist. I smiled softly and closed my eyes. After a while, he pulled away. "It's funny...I don't even know your name and I already think I'm in love with you." Jerome said with a smile. "Y/n.  And I think I love you too Jerome."

D'aww! That was cute :'3

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