Hide and Seek

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[Rosalie’s POV]

“So Jules, do you miss Adelaide?” I asked.

“Yeah, I miss my friends and family a lot over there. But I have my friends, who are basically family, here which makes it a bit better,” he smiled.

“Yeah, I miss my family too. I’m from Adelaide as well.”

“Oh, really? That’s cool,” he replied.

“Yeah, I moved here with Gi last year. It’s funny, Gi and I met through twitter, we used to talk about how awesome you guys are on X Factor and just got along then we realised we actually had a lot in common. So we decided to meet up and instantly became best friends,” I laughed.

“Wow, that’s pretty cool.”

“And it’s all thanks to you guys,” I smiled. “The Collective…Bringing people together since 2012,” I laughed.

They all joined in and laughed at my statement.

“Are you girls gonna go for a swim?” asked Jayden.

“We were thinking about it,” replied Gi. “Are you boys gonna swim?”

“Was thinking about it.” He replied with a smirk.

“Beat you in there!” Jayden yelled and the boys all got up and sprinted to the water.

“Hey! That’s unfair!” Gi and I both shouted, and sprinted to the water after them, throwing off our dresses to reveal our bikinis.

[Jayden’s POV]

The boys and I were mucking around with the girls, playfully pushing them under the water and splashing them. We were having an awesome time when I turned around to face the beach and saw a whole bunch of girls running down towards the water.

“Ah, guys?”

“Yeah,” they all responded, like it was rehearsed.

“I think we have to go unless we all want to get mobbed again.”

“Oh crap,” said Will, and we started running to the sand.

“Do you girls want to come with us?” I asked.

“Uh, yeah sure, if your fine with that?”  I smiled.

“You boys don’t mind?” I asked the boys.

“Nah man, that’s cool,” replied Trent.

We all made our way back to our belongings, grabbed our towels and sprinted towards the mini-van. The girls were quick and started crowding us and we tried to pass them without being rude.

“Hey, I thought you guys left?”

“Who are those girls?”

“Will you follow me on twitter?”

Questions were flying all over the place; we didn’t know what to do. It has never been this crazy before. Everything was such a blur. We stopped for a couple of photos and told the girls that we had to leave.

[Julian’s POV]

This is the crazy part of living in Sydney that I’m not quite used to yet. Having girls chase after me everywhere I go, it wasn’t something I expected. Luckily we finally got away from all the screaming fans and all got in the van, including Gi and Rose.

“So where do we want to go now?” I asked everyone.

“Is it alright if we can get an ice cream? I’m kinda hot from all that running.” Rose laughed.

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