T H R E E - The Daring Woman

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The fog is so thick and the visibility is so low, Wyatt couldn't see more than five feet ahead of him. He's driving into smoke highlighted by beams of white headlights. A mere 15 mph is too fast for this weather. He knows these roads like the back of his hands but in the fog, they are unforgiving, treacherous, and unfriendly.

Wyatt glances at the redhead sitting in the passenger seat. He couldn't help but smile. Josslyn's the quintessential redhead: big green eyes, creamy white skin, sprinkles of freckles, and pink luscious lips. Okay. Fine. Toss a little crazy in and it gets complicated but he's intrigued, and he's often too bored to be intrigued. He glances down toward her legs. She's wearing neon yellow tennis shoes, blue jeans, a purple shirt quoted 'fearless' and a gray sweater. She's a mash of colors rolled into crazy. He scoffs. The things a guy has to do to get a girl. I'm a sucker.

"Can I open my window?" She asks.

He hesitates. He really doesn't want to welcome the outside in. "If you must."

"Thank you." She gives him a tight lipped smile, rolls down her window and listens for Edwin. The chilly wind howls and whips her long hair in a frenzy as dense fog begins to seep into the car.

"Maybe you should roll up your window, Josslyn. I need to see to dri -"

A bone-chilling scream erupts from deep inside the forest. Wyatt immediately feels the hair on the back of his neck stand up.What the hell is that? His heart races, his chest rises fast and he's on high alert.

"Did you hear that?" he asks Josslyn.

"Yes! Stop the car!"

"Are you crazy? We're not stoppi -"

"Stop the car! It's him!"

Wyatt gasps. She can't be serious! He instantly regrets his decision to have brought her here. Hell, It could be him being dumped over the cliff! Josslyn opens her door, forcing Wyatt to stop the car. She runs off into the thick fog with nothing but a flashlight.

"Josslyn!" Wyatt curses, this woman is crazy! She'll be lost in these mountains forever!

He grits his teeth in anger. What the hell did I get myself into? Opening his trunk, he grabs his badge, his pistol, a flashlight, and runs after Josslyn. She's vanished into the fog so he perks up his senses to track any sign of her. Then he hears it again, the sound of an angry man yelling from the pit of his stomach. It's a bone chilling sound augmented by the creepy darkness of fog hazing in the soft glow of the full moon. Turning to his left, he creeps toward the noise. His hands are shaking uncontrollably so he points the barrel of his gun toward the ground to avoid misfiring.

"Edwin!" He hears Josslyn's voice and bolts toward her direction.

"Josslyn!" Wyatt yells after her.

Josslyn immediately turns toward the sound of her name. Wyatt is chasing after me? She had intended for him to wait by the car - that's if he hasn't already abandoned her. She turns the opposite direction. Should I run toward Edwin or Wyatt?

She runs toward the sound of Edwin's voice. "Edwin!"

"Josslyn!" Wyatt closes in.

Huffing loudly and panting with exhaustion, Josslyn hears the sound of thunderous waterfall. Straining her eyes forward, she realizes that she is racing toward a precipice. She tries to slow down but instead, slips in the the sloshy mud and began sliding down a slope toward the cliff. A vice grip snatches her wrist, pulling her back toward the safety of solid platform. Panting wildly, she feels a tight embrace and she sighs in relief. These arms, shoulders, this chest - Edwin saves her every time.

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