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We pulled up to Old Henderson Lodge an hour early. Derek wanted to scope the place out better first. I was initially worried about coming here when no one knew where we was but he assured me with the Pack link we would be found if we needed to be. A High Alphas link was much more powerful then a regular Alpha.

The place was huge. It was surrounded in trees. There was a garden to the left of us that looked well kept considering Derek said this place was all but abandoned. There was two vehicles in the driveway both SUV's. Other then that it was pretty vacant. 

Derek took my hand as we walked towards the front door.

"Come in quickly." A short middle aged woman said.

When we didn't move she motioned her hands towards inside in rapid succession as if to hurry us along.

We obliged her by walking inside.  The smell of pine sol filled my nose.

"May I help you?" The woman said. I rolled my eyes. She motioned us inside and now acted like she didn't know why we were here.

"Umm yes. Frea" I said.

"Right this way," She began walking down a hallway. The walls were made of wood and shined as if just cleaned. It was rather cute and quaint.

We stopped at  doorway that led to what looked like a ballroom. The lady nodded her head to herself and then turned back to us.

"Go through the ballroom turn left and you will see the dining area.  Pick a table and wait," Before I could ask her anything she was gone leaving the smell of garlic and herbs behind.

We followed her directions and sat at a table close by the patio doors. I had to wonder why the vampire king would wish to meet in a place with so much light. I researched a bit about vampires online before coming and learned they are sensitive to light hate garlic and churches seemed to not be their forte either.

A  man with amber colored eyes and strawberry blonde hair entered the room. He was dressed pretty normal and looked to be about in his mid thirties or so. He reminded me of someone, though I wasn't sure yet who.

"I see you found the place easy enough," He extended his hand to me.

"Indeed. Derek was familiar with the place,"

"Derek, very nice to finally meet you. I have heard many wonderful things of you,"

"You are not the Vampire King," Derek said

"What do you mean?" I was on high alert now. Why would he lie. Maybe he was just a messenger for him.

"Ah, well you are referring to "King Donovan" , but see I am the actual Vampire King. My name is Victor," He sat down at the table with us. "Would you care for something to eat?" He added.

"No thank you," I said.

"So tell me what you mean by you are the actual Vampire King," Derek said getting down to business.

"perhaps we will start from the beginning. See I was forced into hiding to protect my family. I fell in love with and married one of your kind. She was beautiful and powerful in her own right. Your old pack was very accepting of her even when it came time for her to leave and rule by my side. However many of my kind were not,"

"You are Brian's Grandfather," I gasped. Derek didn't seem as surprised as me I wondered if there was more he knew and didn't tell me.

"I had suspected you were a vampire by the sigil I found." Derek said. I remembered when he found it among Cindy's things and it started to make sense now.

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