So I Sold My Sister

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So I'm posting this because you all are driving me crazy with the questions and clearly  this would get your attention and you would read it because a lot of you are not reading the message I post.

So I Sold my Sister will have it actual first chapter posted the first Sunday of September 2013. thought I will warn you, it won't be too exciting for people getting published version of the first book because the published version has an excerpt and its the entire first chapter.

please don't send a private message asking me question I have answered in public announcement  on here and the Facebook fan page. because it is overflowing and I can't get to a lot of the messages that are not when or where is the second book, I'm talking advice or help type question only please, the other types of messages should be posted on the story itself or the message board

the published version is not out, but will be very soon, and I'm talking within a couple weeks to couple of days here

The second book, is the first book in Max perspective, Annie and Luke will be in the story and a big part of it, but the stories will focus on Max during the time he had Vanished and his relationship with his mate

Yes i realize that I'm going to get yelled at for this not being the real story, but you just gotta be patient with cause I'm working hard to do this all but I'm only one person that get maybe two hours of free time a day, after my family is taken care of, my homework is done then I get my free time and I very tired and cranky by that point. 



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