Chapter 26: "The Hetrans"

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A demigod is a divine or supernatural being in classical Mythology. The term has been used in various ways, at different times, and can refer to a figure who has attained divine status after death, a minor deity, or a mortal who is the offspring of a god and a human. Since the Cataclysm, more so-called demigods have been documented than at any other time in human history. Some claim to be the children of mortal and immortal beings, while others seem to the natural result of the hyper-evolution the people of Earth have been experiencing in the last three and a half centuries.

- University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)

I see a split in the river of time. On one branch I see the death of all life on Earth and entropy throughout our dimension. The other branch is less clear, but filled with light and the song of life.

- The Collected Prophecies of Tamara Walker


The Three Galaxies

Hetra 3

"Where are we?" Meg asked, taking in the view.

The ruins and general desolation around her were enough to make the remnants of Detroit on her world look like Disneyland in comparison. One second she'd been standing with her friends in the field outside Red Rock, talking with the broken goddess living inside of Tammy. The next she'd been stepping through a portal into this world. All in all she thought she was handling everything remarkably well.

"The inhabitants called it home," Astrild said. "The more advanced civilizations of this galaxy refer to it as Hetra Three; it is a forbidden world." Her aura increased until a vast space of near daylight intensity surrounded them. The scenes of recent battle could be discerned everywhere.

"Why is it forbidden?" Meg asked, stretching her senses to take in every aspect of the area around her. The scent of fire and death was fresh on the air and Meg bristled unconsciously.

"Several millennia ago, the people here punched a hole between worlds and were unprepared for the consequences," Astrild said quietly. "They touched the home dimension of our enemy, and his followers and supplicants spilled into the breach by the thousands before the Hetrans could close it."

Astrild bent down and picked up a yellowed and cracked skull. There was a vaguely human look to the sloped and angled bone. The shape was familiar to Meg, but she was unable to recall where she'd seen it before.

"The war lasted a long time, with the servants of the enemy co-opting and corrupting a significant fraction of the native population." She set the skull back on the dead soil carefully and continued, "In the end, the last remnants of the free population used their own nuclear arsenal in an attempt to destroy the invaders, and it worked, to a degree."

"What do you mean?" Meg asked, irritated that she had to keep pushing Astrild to give clear answers.

"The leaders managed to escape ahead of the blasts, and not all of the enemy warriors were killed," Astrild explained. "Leaderless, they broke into savage roving packs to hunt down the survivors. In the end, the last enclave of healthy Hetrans rallied here, in the ruins of their former capitol, to await the end."

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