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Lucy's P.O.V

I can't believe I was in love with that jerk, I can't stand him any longer! I walked up to team Natsu and from what I could tell, they hated him too...

"Man, that jerk! oh hey Luce!" Natsu waved. I waved back and started planning my revenge on Gray Fullbuster...

Gray's P.O.V

Lucy... The name that has been stuck in my mind for years, Why did you come back? The rumours around told me you were dead, I was about commit suicide because of that. I clenched my fists as your name runs through my head, my dad kept telling me to forget you, but it was like you were glued to my memory. I tried and tried to forget you, but you keep coming back. My dad told me there's only one way to get rid of you... to kill you

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