Okay. Say you are in your home country for vacation and one of your cousins texts you on Facebook like this: "What Mama*** doing..." and "Have u enjoyed..There.????"

***"Mama" is actually not my mum, it's literally the Tamil way of saying "Uncle." Look up the various ways of calling family members in Tamil if you're interested.

It is annoying as eff when my cousins from India text like they still have a Nokia, especially when you have a smartphone. I saw them have a smartphone and I'm here like: "PLEASE USE PROPER ENGLISH."

Granted, their phones are kinda crap but apparently, it's the style of texting in Tamil Nadu in general. (And Facebook is abbreviated as "FB". But I think that's used on the rural side of Tamil Nadu. But the spelling...God help us all.) So it's half the blame on them, half of it on their phones. It's like when you look at their notebooks they have the best spelling in the world but look at their text conversations and you'd think that they were a bunch of first graders trying to look cool. I'm screwed if my cousin finds this rant but he doesn't even know what Wattpad is, so I'm safe. I know it's wrong, but I need to get this off my chest someplace.

And to make this rant more relevant to this book: I hate it when a fanfic has multiple grammar and spelling mistakes almost to the point where it's unreadable. There's a difference between fixing grammar and spelling in certain places in chapters and editing entire story's grammar that's worse than a five year old. Hell, a five year old must have more grammar sense than the one who writes almost like an illiterate. Even if a story has some grammatical and/or spelling errors (a story, however good, is bound to have at least one or two at best) it has to be so subtle that it doesn't affect the way you read the story. (Although, probably having made about a dozen of these errors in the past, when I first started Wattpad (I still cringe) I don't think I have a right to complain. Hmm. Hey, at least I improved. That's all I'm really saying to do. If you don't improve, then......okay, moving on.)

Well, India is nice so far....it's nice to see my family again, blah blah blah....I can't wait to go back to America.

That's it for now. BYEEE Comment below and let me know what you would love for me to rant on, whether it may be the series, it's fandom, or both. XD

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