Chapter One : Meet the band (1)

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 Eyes closed. Squeezed shut. 

Peaceful breathing, slightly blowing warm air at his face. Sending shivers down his spine. Only a few inches away. 

Arms wrapped tightly around her fragile frame in a sweet, soft snuggle. 

Bodies curled up onto the double bed. In an almost perfect circle. 

Wild brown hair tickling him, making him smile. 

He lightly touches her cheeks, trailing his fingers down to her neck as if she would break if he was a little harder. And he doesn't want to wake her up at all. A small moan, mix between a sulky groan and a cute laughter. His smile turns into a broad grin. 

 « Michael... » She drawls, as her pale, grey eyes slowly flicker open. « What are you doing here? » 

One of his hands find her hair and strokes it softly. « Wanted to watch you sleep. » 

Her eyes widen. Confusion comes to her face and she pushes him away. Gently. Doesn't want to make him feel bad. Her lips tremble, in an attempt to tell him something, anything. She finally gives up, lowering her head to her jeans, still in this foetal position. And a silent teardrop falls onto the sheets. She doesn't have time to do anything else that he cupped her face and kissed her. 

« Don't cry, honey. » He whispers, causing her to bite her lip hard 

 « I-I'm sorry. »

 « It's okay now. Everything's okay. » 

Faint smile as an answer. Eyes locked on him, taking his heart, going through his soul.

He pulls her close, chest to chest, in an embrace. 

« Would you forgive me one day? » 

Silence, again. Her heart pounding madly, loudly. As if it came out of her body; fluttering heartbeats.

He brushes his bleached blonde hair away from his face. That amazing smile still on his face; loving brown irises planted in hers. She wipes her eyes dry, rubbing them in a slow motion, and when she comes back to a normal position, he is still gazing at her. 

 « I already did, Bar. »

 « You did? » She asks back. 

Sparkles in those perfect translucent pupils; hope too. 

 « Yeah! The day you told me you were pregnant. » 

 « Oh... »

Bar heaves a sigh, burying her head into his neck, tangling her legs up with his. 

Ripped jeans against leather pants. 

Leather jacket against worn short tank top. 

His hands slide down to her belly, stopping at the barely round-shaped curves. The brunette feels her heart melt as his fingers caress her skin, totally under his spell. 

 « God! » She purrs

 His head goes back to hers. 

 « What? » She giggles at his confused, frowning expression, runs a hand through his wavy hair – unconsciously wishing she had the same mane -, nuzzles his nose and he places another kiss on her lips. « What? » 

 « You're so hot, Duff! » 

He rolls his eyes, laughing out loud and waving his hand in the air like this isn't true. Duff always behaves this way, he does not find himself attractive at all. But she does and this is enough for him. She cares about him.

 « And fucking adorable too! » 

She smirks, showers his face with plenty of sweet, wet kisses. Puts all her love in them. And his hands still on her stomach make them both quiver. Bar moves a bit closer and rests her fingers on his torso. She doesn't want him to let her go, doesn't want him to think she would change her mind, like she has done before. He convinced her in every possible way. He is everything she ever dreamed of and she is praying that this moment, this bliss instant, will last forever. Forever and ever. 

A happy smile distorted her delicate features, eyelids suddenly heavy.

  « Bar? »

 « Yeah? »

 Once again, eyes closed. Squeezed shut. 

 « Why me? » he inquired 

She lets out a small annoyed groan and, again, her eyes go wide open, staring at him. Both hearts' paces increased, bringing a flush to their cheeks. 

 « You-you were here for everything. The good and the bad times... And – and I... You caught up with me when I was down and messing around. You've been waiting for me the whole time. And – and I think I'm in love with you, as cheesy as it sounds! » 

He nods his head  and his hands fly back to her face. Killing her softly. 

 « So now can I say that I have the prettiest girlfriend ever? » He jokes

 She pats his chest, shoots him an amused look. « Don't play the fool with me. I'm fucked up already! »

His touch ceases as he frowns, pushing a strand of hair away from her face. « No, you're not. Don't say that Bar. Ever. You'll be an amazing mom to this kid. » 

 « Sure? » 

 « Of course, sure! »

Bar pushes him away slightly and lay flat on the bed, stretching her arms up in the air. Duff lets her do so, his head falling on the pillow beneath him. Lost in their own daydream for a little while. 

 « I'm glad you don't take drugs. » He affirms, turning to his side to eye her 

Trembling lips, sad look upon her face and the living beauty standing beside him bursts into tears. Extending his arms to touch her, the blonde youngster make her roll towards him to the point that there was no empty space between them. Bar's heart melts one more time, as her tears pour down her cheeks and drop on the sheets, leaving long streaks of mascara on their ways. She feel his breath on her, smells his scent, sobbing like a little girl who would have had her favorite toy stolen. In a way, it is. 

 « I...It's so hard. » She stutters « And It... kills me not to be able to... help... And... You're such a great human being whereas I- I'm nothin' at all. » 

 « Shh. » He cuts her off, bringing her into a hug, stroking her hair again. « It's okay. I'll help you. » She sniffs, forcing herself into a deep breath, then opens her mouth. 

« How? You're always on tour and nobody has to know what's going on here. That's the contract...There's no communication within Guns and you know it... and that's killing me. » 

« We'll find something, honey. » 

« You're drunk, Duff... » 

He smiles, kissing her cheek. « Maybe but it's okay. Everything's gonna be okay. »

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