Chapter 10

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“Mum-ma, did you know that cats can fly?” Harry asked Anne, while they were in the car, on their way to Harry’s school. “No honey, I didn’t. Thanks for telling me, I’ll have to keep an eye out for one.” Anne nearly burst out laughing from how loopy Harry still was from his painkillers. Dr. Flack had sent them a prescription of pills for Harry to take every few hours. “Mum-ma, I see rainbows, and butterflies… No, wait… No more butterflies… They went home to their mummies…” Harry yawned, and rubbed at his eyes with his fists. “Alright babe, you need to remember to take your pill at around 12:30.” Anne stated. Obviously, she didn’t trust her loopy son to remember to take his medicine on his own, but she wanted him to feel a sense of responsibility. “The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout…” Harry started singing to himself, and making spider hand movements, completely disregarding his mother’s instructions. Anne sighed, while pulling into the schools parking lot.

                Harry skipped up the concrete path of the school, earning him some strange looks from bystanders. “Honey, no more skipping, just walk with me.” Anne whispered gently into her Harry’s ear. “Okay, mum-ma! Guess what, I’m at school!” Harry giggled loudly, bouncing up and down on his toes, his curly hair going every which way. They were about to enter Harry’s classroom when Anne felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned to see Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam standing together, smiling. “Hey guys, I was meaning to talk to you yesterday. I wanted to apologize for what happened at dinner. I know you aren’t used to seeing that side of Harry, and I’m sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable.” Anne looked down at her feet, too ashamed to say much of anything else. The boys were quick to reassure her. “Ms. Cox, it’s totally fine. We actually wanted to help when we heard Harry screaming, but Gemma asked us to leave.” Liam said, while he stuck his hands in his pockets. “Oh, well I thought it was best that you guys had left. You probably wouldn’t have wanted to stick around if you saw him like he was.” Anne looked at Harry’s hands, and shuttered at the memory it gave her.

                “Is there anything we can do to help?” Louis asked, smiling at the way Harry blushed every time he looked at him. “Well there is one thing you can do that would really help me out.” Anne said before taking a bottle of pills out of her purse, and handing them to Louis. “If you can make sure Harry takes only one of those pills at around 12:30, that’d be wonderful.” She looked at all of them gratefully once they agreed, and turned to Harry. “Alright, be good,” She kissed his cheek, which he surprisingly didn’t pull away from, “And take you medicine when Louis tells you to, okay?” Harry nodded, and smiled goofily, as his mother hugged him. Anne turned back to the boys. “If anything happens, or if this little monkey gives you trouble,” She gently pinched Harry’s cheek, which he giggled at. “Don’t hesitate to tell his teacher, and she’ll give me a call.” The boys nodded before Anne thanked them, and left. “Okay, Harry you should go ahead to class, and we’ll meet up with you at lunch.” Zayn said, while gesturing towards Harry’s classroom. “Byyyyyeeee!” Harry smiled and waved, as he stumbled into his class. All the boys chuckled at Harry’s seemingly drunken state. “Damn,” Niall snatched the bottle of pills away from Louis. “This stuff must really mess you up…” He looked at the label of the bottle, as the others laughed.

                All of Harry’s morning activities rolled by fairly quickly, as his teacher was about to ask her final question about the reading activity. Harry was giggling because of something that George had said to him, and Ms. Calder was quick to catch him. “Harry, since there are a couple minutes before lunch, can you tell me what the setting of a story is?” Ms. Calder folded her arms, and waited expectantly. “Umm, it’s when the kangaroo goes to the desert and eats buggies!” Harry clapped at his answer, as the entire class erupted in laughter. Ms. Calder sighed, repressing a chuckle, and had the class line up for her to walk them to the cafeteria. “I wanna be the line leader!” Harry yelled, getting up from his desk, and running to the front of the line. “Inside voice, Harry,” Ms. Calder said, as she walked the class to the lunch room.

                Louis spotted Harry walking into the cafeteria, and their eyes met for probably the fiftieth time that day. Harry waved rapidly, and ran over to Louis, giving him a hug. “Hey Harry,” Louis was shocked at Harry’s sudden affection towards him. They walked over to the table that Zayn, Liam, and Niall were seated at, and sat down next to each other. The boys greeted Harry, and chuckled at the way he bounced happily in his seat. “Oh Louis, it’s time for Harry’s medicine.” Liam said while looking at his watch. Louis nodded, and pulled the pill bottle out of his backpack. He shook a small pill out of the bottle, and held it out for Harry. “What’s that?” Harry pointed to the tiny, round object in Louis’ hand. “Your mum told me to give this to you at 12:30.” Louis took Harry’s hand, and placed the pill in his palm. Harry shook his head violently, and threw the pill on the floor. “I don’t like those!” Harry crossed his arms, and pouted. “Harry mate, you’ve got to take the pill so your head won’t hurt anymore.” Zayn tried to reason, but Harry only whined, and put his head down on the table. “Should we call his mum?” Niall asked, looking at Harry nervously. “Not yet, you guys go ahead and get something to eat, I’ll talk to him.” Louis said, scooting closer to Harry.

                “Harry, I know you get stressed out when your head hurts, but if you take the pill once, you don’t have to worry about headaches!” Louis smiled, hoping to make some progress in getting Harry to take the medicine. Harry lifted his head from the table, and turned to Louis. “If I take the thingy, can I give you a surprise?” A blush crept onto Harry’s cheeks, which Louis couldn’t decipher. “Sure,” Louis smiled, and handed Harry another pill, with a bottle of water. Harry swallowed the pill, and took a long swig of water to wash it down. “Good job, buddy. So what’s my surprise?” Louis asked. Harry launched himself into Louis’s lap, and kissed him sloppily on the cheek. Harry giggled ecstatically, bouncing in Louis’ lap. Louis pushed Harry off, and got up from the table. “What the hell was that?!” Louis shouted, as he wiped off the spit that Harry left on his cheek. Harry’s giggling immediately stopped, and his expression turned scared. “I-I thought you liked me, ‘cause y-you sing so pretty…” Harry covered his face, and his shoulders began to shake. Louis immediately felt horrible for being so cold to Harry, and bent down next to where he was seated. “I do like you Harry, it’s just I-“Louis stopped mid-sentence, as Harry uncovered his face to reveal blood shot eyes, tear stained cheeks, and pink, pouted lips. “Have a heart, Louis.” He told himself. “I think you’re really cute.” Louis smiled, as Harry’s face beamed down at him. “What have I gotten myself into?” Louis thought.

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