bellman check in

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Always open the car door for the guest and greet them

Welcomes the guest to the hotel

Offer to assist the guest's luggage.

Direct the guest to the Front desk

Leave the luggage about 2 metres behind the guest and stand beside whenever possible. If not, to leave the luggage at the bellman counter and attach a luggage tag.

Posture during the wait should be up right and looking towards the Reception desk.

The Bellman will direct the guest to the lift after he finish registering. The Bellman will then accompany the guest to the lift together with the luggage.

The Bellman always allow the guest to go into the lift first by holding the door, then go in with the luggage and press the floor indicator. While in the lift,on the way the Bellman should make conversation so that the guests may fell at home"how's your trip ?"or'howmany nights will you be with us"

When the lift door opens the direction should be given for the guest to turn.

Knocks at the door of the guest room first to verify the availbility of the room before opening it

If the room is occupied or not yet ready the bellman will tactfully inform the guest of the to front desk inform the status of the room




When the car arrives, the Bellhop will unload the luggage.

The Bellman will inform the Driver, Tour Guide and Group Leader the total number of luggage received and ask them to confirm.

When the Bell Captain has received the Rooming List from the Reception staff the Bellman will send trolleys of luggages to the floor by using service lifts.

The Bellhop will then go to the rooms as indicated and ring the door bell.

After the guests have identified their luggage, the Bellman will carry the luggage and place it on the luggage rack.

After all the luggage have been delivered, the Bellman will record on the Luggage Record Book.

In cases the guest is not in, the Bellman will bring the luggage down and keep them at the corner of the Lobby awaiting guests return.

In the event if the Bellman notices any luggage is damage while unloading from the car, it must be brought to the car diver, tour guide, group leader attention. The Bell captain and Assistant Manager on Duty must also be told. This is to prevent the guest from alleging the Bellman of mishandling.

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