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bellman training

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Uniform and Grooming

Uniform must be clean, pressed and well maintained at all times.

Good personal hygiene to be maintained at all times.

Hair to be trimmed neatly.

Shoes must be polished.

Name badge to be worn at all times.


When on doorman duty, stand straight with one hand at back.

Open the door for all entering and departing guests with a smile and the appropriate greeting.

Be alert to hotel lobby and entry happenings.

No gossiping whilst in position.

Greetings SMILE

Ensure guests are greeted with "Welcome to mercure hue gerbera" when entering the hotel, or exiting from a vehicle.

Wish the guest a pleasant stay.

Wish departing guest a safe trip and thank them for staying.


Offer assistance to all guests arriving and departing with their luggage.

Ensure all luggage received is issued with luggage tags.

Deliver luggage to guest rooms, placing on the rack provided.

Collect luggage from guest rooms as required.

Ensure luggage to hold over is recorded in the appropriate book.

Monitor Guest luggage in lobby areas, pay attention to luggage that is left unattended and report it to Supervisor on duty.

Luggage is to be stored neatly in luggage room.

Ensure no damage occurs to luggage whilst in our care. Report any damaged luggage to the Supervisor immediately.

Ensure you use correct lifting techniques at all times for your own health and safety. Bend your knees when picking up bags or boxes. Ask for assistance if any article is too heavy for you


All calls are to be answered within 3 rings.

Greet Guests as "Good morning or afternoon bellman department, how may I help you"

In case you need assistance, ask the guest to 'Please hold the line for a moment whilst I locate the bellcaptain to assist you."

If you are unable to locate any one to assist you ensure you take down the details of the caller and advise someone will return their call.

Lobby duties

Open the door for all entering and departing guests with a smile and the correct greeting.

Regularly check the music in the lobby to ensure it is operating and at the correct level. i.e. not too loud.

Check and clean dirty ashtrays constantly throughout the shift.

Monitor lightning and air-conditioning and inform Maintainer if something needs fixing.

Check chairs and tables in the lobby to ensure they are clean, neat and tidy.

In the case of power failure, check the lifts and standby at the lift lobby until it is back to working order.

Spray air-freshener in lobby when necessary. The lobby should always smell pleasant.

Services SMILE!

Provide Guest with hotel name card and city map.

Provide hotel information to Guest and assist with information requests.

Offer assistance as required and whenever possible.

Stand by at lift lobby at peak check out time to assist with Guest luggage.

Lead Guest to the counter as they are checking in.

Provide guest with facilities details whilst showing them to their room.

When in the room explain how to operate the:TV /Internet/Minibar/Air-conditioner control/Point out the hotel compendium./Show the location of the safe box

Bell Desk

Keep clean, tidy and clear of unused papers and all times.

Inform Supervisor on duty if leaving the counter for some reason.

Burn incense when necessary to cover bad smells from drains.

Ensure driveway is free from litter at all times.


Prepare luggage tag

Polish Luggage Trolley's daily.

Deliver all messages, parcels, faxes and messages to the guests room and management offices immediately upon receiving them.

Log all deliveries in the appropriate book.

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