Chapter 7

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Every time I saw Harry that day, I sent him warning looks in order for him not to tell anyone that we were step brothers. Actually, the fact that my friends wouldn't like the idea of us being siblings was just one of the reasons why I didn't want anyone to find out about it. Another was that I didn't quite like the idea myself, that we were step brothers, I mean. And I didn't want people to go around and remind me of it. It was already bad enough that I had to face it every time I was at 'home'.

The main reason however, was that I simply didn't want anyone to know. It was none of their business whether we lived in the same house or not. I didn't even care if it was just Harry's best friend he told, it could still spread around, and I didn't want that. At least not yet for a while.

Of course this involved me as well. I hadn't even told my girlfriend that the only person I really couldn't get along with was my step brother now. She would probably only try to interfere in everything, and I didn't want that either. The longer I could keep it from her, the better. There was only one problem though, and it was that she had literally been begging me to bring her to my place so she could see how I lived now. The fact that I didn't want to tell her about my two new siblings didn't matter too much to her. She was mostly curious about my home, which I found a little weird but didn't question it.

Anyway, I promised her that I would invite her over some time, but that it would probably be a while considering I would have to make sure Harry wasn't home at the time. Or better, that the fact that we were step brothers had really dawned on me so I was somewhat fine with him being there if I brought her over. Though, I doubted that would happen anytime soon. For now, I just wouldn't bring anyone to Harry's house.

Considering Harry and I had all our classes together, we rode the same bus on our way home from school, which I secretly found great since I had forgotten the way to the house. Now I would only have to follow him there to take the right turns and what not. So, that was how I found myself hopping off the bus and looking around for the curly haired boy.

There were quite a few people who jumped off here, so it was pretty difficult to find him in the crowd, but after a minute I could see him walking in the direction we had come from this morning. I shoved my way past the students and started following Harry at a pretty great distance. My intention was obviously not to get caught, but being the clumsy person that I could be sometimes, I just had to stumble on a pebble and let out a very manly squeal.

Harry instantly turned around to face me with wide eyes, probably startled by the sudden noise. "Louis? What the hell are you doing?" he asked confusedly, shaking his head in disbelief.

I scratched the back of my neck awkwardly as I sheepishly walked over to him. "I was just walking to the house, you know? We live at the same place now."

He rolled his eyes. "Were you following me? Because knowing you, you wouldn't have kept that short of a distance between us if you weren't," he said knowingly, crossing his arms over his chest.

Narrowing my eyes, I snorted. "Of course I wasn't, and stop looking so damn full of yourself. It doesn't suit you at all." I motioned to his crossed arms and the smug look on his face. No, it definitely did not suit him.

"Never. I enjoy this way too much for that. So, why were you stalking me?" he asked, making me roll my eyes because he was so extra.

"Stop flattering yourself, Styles. I was not stalking you. If you so desperately want to know why I was walking so 'close' to you it was because I forgot the way back home, alright? You're so full of yourself it's embarrassing, really," I said and started walking in the direction I was positive the house was.

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