T W O - The Favor

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The radio crackles. The static white noise fade as a dazed and distraught woman rant wildly through the radio.

"...And there was just this white glob of glowy something, but I swear, I saw a figure of a man! I swear it's Jesus! The end of the world is coming! Repent!"  

Josslyn wraps one hand behind her neck and groans in misery. Nope, just my invisible husband attempting to do something we both thought was impossible. The crazy rants have been nonstop. She glances down at the pile of Lane County newsletters scattered a mess on her half functional, broken Wal-Mart coffee table. She doesn't expect to replace that table anytime soon.

Every front page of each newsletter features the same black and white image of an aura illuminating amongst a crowd of people. The press publicity never surprises her. She'd always known Edwin would be big news should he ever be discovered. The point though, is not to be discovered. 

Josslyn taps her foot with agonizing anxiety. Darn! She's biting her nails again. The last she heard from Edwin was outside the restaurant pavilion, and that's nearly a week ago. Since then, she's been worried sick and hasn't been able to function like a normal human being.

That's another challenge with loving an invisible man. She can't simply call the police to report a missing person. Well, she could but they'd more than likely throw her into a psych ward, mandate her to see a psychiatrist, or fine her to no end.

Been there. Done that.

She's learned to keep her mouth shut, stay out of the limelight, avoid public places – like fancy restaurants with poor services – and draw absolutely no attention to herself.

She stares out toward Eugene through her expansive floor to ceiling window. This million-dollar 1,700 square feet vista point is worth every penny. Heck, if she is going to live alone with a man she can't even see, she might as well live with a view.

Eugene is beautiful tonight; sitting there in autumn colors, rooftops illuminating underneath a big pale moon with not even a streak of cloud in the sky. It's considered a city, yet it feels small and quaint, which is probably because it's located on the foothills of a scenic mountainous backdrop. Oregon is truly beautiful when it wants to be beautiful. Around here, it's usually rain, fog, and more rain. Contrary to this though, Oregon receives the same amount of rainfall as anywhere else but the nonstop, slow drizzle makes it feel as though it rains more than anywhere else.

Josslyn looks toward the thick fog that has collected in the valleys between the mountains.  If Edwin isn't here, he's definitely there. She grips her chest. The thought of him all alone in the wilderness is heart wrenching.


She bangs her head on the window. Should I go find him?  To go would not be smart. Heck, she'd never be able to navigate those mountainous roads. She barely knows her way home yet. She's not the invisible spouse in this marriage; she'd be nothing but a tasty hors d'oeuvre to bears, cougars, and coyotes. The squirrels out here are pretty vicious. Or so she heard. She dreads the eerie darkness of the forest, the ominous pit, surrounded by sounds and roars from creatures of the night. When she's out there, she knows she's out there alone.

Josslyn sighs. But what if he needs me? Heck, what if he's really gone? She blinks back the tears. She'd never forgive him if he dares leave without saying goodbye. She doesn't want him to say goodbye.  When it comes down to it, she doesn't want to lose him - no matter how angry she is.  

If only the damn fog machine idea worked.

The glossy business card beside the sprawl of newsletters catches her eye. Grabbing her cellphone, she dials Wyatt's phone number, hoping more so that he doesn't answer.

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