Chapter 24: Date Advice

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Dedicated to @iZelos :)
This takes place the same day from where chapter 23 left off

"Are you ok?"

I snapped out of my thoughts and saw Yongguk sitting in front of me. When did he get here?

"Me? Yeah I'm fine." 

"Well you just weren't touching your lunch, and aren't you like obsessed with food?" Yongguk took the chopsticks that were next to my plate and placed them in my hand. 

I grasped onto the sticks and picked up some of the food. I didn't know I was zoning out but I just kept thinking about what Kris said to me this morning. He does just want to hang out as friends, right? Like come on. We just met each other a few days ago and to think that he would want to take me out  is just weird. 

"So I was thinking, remember that time we went on that double date with Hyuna and...Daehyun," Yongguk always has the tendency to lower his voice whenever he mentions Daehyun. Get over it, that's history. But whatever. I just nodded. 

"We never really went out on a date, just the two of us." Yongguk lightly tapped his hands on the table like he was nervous. 

I narrowed my eyes at him, "You're not asking me out on a date are you?" 

Yongguk's eyes enlarged and looked like he was at a loss for words. I started laughing because I purposely made my tone sound cold, "I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding. Aww c'mon why are you making that face?" Yongguk was still pouting and I finally composed myself, resting my head on my hand, "You're asking me out on a date right?"

"Well shit, just a while ago you sounded like you wouldn't want to go out with me," Yongguk uncrossed his arms, "Are you busy this weekend?"

"I'm not sure, I have to check."

"Well make it free. For me," He looked at me directly in the eyes. 

I flipped my hair, "Jeez so demanding...but ok. I want to go with you."

"Sometimes it scares me how you're able to change from cute to scary really quick..."

"I guess it's just one of my charms." 

--2 days later--

"Jieun, Yongguk keeps bothering us about the date he wants to take you on." Nayeon and Zelo came up to me. 

"What are you guys talking about?"

"He wants to make sure that it'll be a really good date, and for the past few days, he keeps asking for our advice and all that shit I really don't care about," Zelo looked annoyed. 

"Are you sure? Because every time I see him, he seems so calm."

"Nope. He's literally a mess right now." Nayeon said, in a tone almost as annoyed as Zelo's. 

"Why is he so nervous? We hang out almost everyday. You should tell him not to stress out about it so much. I'm fine with anything that he chooses."

"Can't you give us a more specific thing that you wanna do?" Nayeon begged. 

"I'll just go talk to Yongguk myself," I waved goodbye to them and went to go find Yongguk. I found him sitting outside and I sat next to him. "Hi."

Yongguk was writing what looked like to be a list in his notebook, once he saw me, he covered it with his hand. "Hey, what are you doing here?"

"Just looking for you. Are you planning for our date?" I referenced to the notebook. 

"No, I was just...doing something else," I guess he wasn't as good of a liar as I thought.

"There's no need for you to stress out about it and be asking advice from Nayeon and Zelo. I'll like anything that you'll come up with."

"I know," Yongguk crumpled up the piece of paper, "But we're always just hanging out. If we go on a date, it has to be special right?" 

I shrugged my shoulders, "Do you want me to say something cheesy like 'every minute we spend together is special to me.'"

Yongguk pinched my cheek and I slapped his hand, "Don't say something like that if you're going to be sarcastic.

--at home--

"So I hear you have a date this Saturday." Dad mentioned at the dinner table.

"Uhhh yeah I did you know about that?" Don't tell me Yongguk was trying to get date advice from my dad too.

"Kris told me that he plans to escort you to their family's business party."

I dropped my spoon and fork, causing it to clatter onto the plate. "Wait what are you talking about??"

"Remember I told you that the Yoon family is hosting this really big and formal business party that all the CEOs of major Korean companies will attend."

"No, you never told me that!" I don't care if I started raising my voice, what the heck is this man saying?

"I told you a few days ago, you must have been too busy texting that you didn't hear me."

"I've already made plans for this weekend though." And that's final. Nothing is going to change my mind.

"Jieun, I told you that going to this party is important, and now that Kris wants to escort you there. You have to go." Dad said in a calm yet strict tone--that combination is always scary.

"Why do I have to go? I have something to do that day."

"Like what? Going out with that boy again? I can't stress how important it is for us to both go on Saturday."

I narrowed my eyes at my dad, "I never even agreed to go with Kris and I don't want to." I stormed out of the dining table and slammed my room door. Childish, I know, I'm ashamed. But I was annoyed. Why does it matter if I go on Saturday or not?

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