Harry Imagine - Cheating?

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You came home from work to see a furious Harry. "Hazz what's wrong?" He walked up to you "DON'T ACT LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW, YOU CHEATER!" You were really confused right now "hazz I honestly don't know what you're talking about." Harry grabbed his phone and showed you the screen "my fans have been tweeting me this picture all day!"

There was a picture of a guy with black hair and a girl with curls like yours kissing. But it was not you, you'd never cheat on harry. "Hazz can't you see?! That's not me, her hair just looks like me." Harry got red "You really think I believe that." By now you were mad, you couldn't believe that harry thought you were lying. "You know what harry, you should believe me and trust me, but instead you believe your fans. I'm leaving!" You ran upstairs and started packing. Harry started where he was. And even when you walked out, he didn't try to stop you. They really hurt. You took your car and drove to your best friends house Gemma. Yes harry's sister gemma. You've been friends with her since you were 8 and moved to Cheshire. That's also how you met harry, gemma was always there for you. You knocked on her door, she could see you've been crying. "Honey what happened?" She led you in her house and you explained everything. "You know sometimes my brother is just so dumb. But don't worry, he'll come back and apologise." You smiled a bit "I know that but........I just can't believe he actually thought I cheated." Just then your phone buzzed, it was a twitter mention :

@randomtwittername: So I just saw a pic of me and my boyfriend Chase going around on twitter. Just to let you know that that was me and not @y/t/n. Tho I see it as a compliment, everybody says I look like her and she's pretty so thanks. Xx.

You showed Gemma the tweet and she started laughing: "Oh now he's definitely gonna regret it. You know let's just have a disney movie night like we did when we were little?" You nodded, you love movie nights................

*the next morning*

You woke up in the guest room.

You brushed your teeth and went downstairs. Much to your surprise harry was sitting in the kitchen. There was a silence until gemma spoke: "He came at 1am when he read the tweet. He carried you to bed and slept on the couch. You two are gonna talk right now. I'll be upstairs bye" And before you could reply she was gone. "Harry I...-" you were cut off by harry. "No y/n please let me talk" You quickly nodded. "I know it was stupid off me to believe the fans and the media. I should've trusted you, but I can't turn it back. And I should've stopped you yesterday when I walked away. When you left I felt horrible for not believing you and letting you go. When I saw the tweet I got even more mad at myself for not believing you. I came over as soon as I could, but you were asleep. I woke up early to make you pancakes. I know I doesn't make anything right but I just want you to know that......-" This time you were the one to cut him off by smashing your lips on his. "It's okay harry I love you. Not matter how much you screw up, i'll always love you." Harry pulled you into a bone crushing hug. "Just promise me one thing". "anything babe."

"promise me you'll always believe me and trust me". "I promise love". He kissed you and gemma walked in "aaahw you two made up finally" "shut up gem" harry said. The three of you ate breakfast together. Harry kept his promise, everytime there was a rumour he believe you before anyone.

Hope you like it. I tried my best.


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