Black Water (Chapter 11)

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"Crazy isn't it?" Darcy said as she sat down in her pyjama holding a can of diet cola.

"Sure is," Cameron agreed, from a beanie bag on the other side of the room.

Instead of going back to our dorms like we we're told to. The guys and I decided to have a little sleep over in one of the common rooms. The teacher's wouldn't be happy if we got caught, but by the sounds coming from other common rooms, we weren't the only ones having a sleepover. 

"Can't believe some vampire's go psycho on us." Darcy sighed and then looked across the room at Jez. "It had better not be you." She said, and Jez gave her evils.

"Of course not." She spat; the whole vampire thing had hit a nerve of Jez's. I was the only one who knew why. Jez had only told me once, and she made me promise not to tell anyone. See, Jez's mother is a vampire, and her father was human. Years ago, just after Jez was born, her mother suffered from post-natal depression, I don't know the exact details. But Jez's mother killed her father; Jez said that her mother had never forgiven herself. So Jez knew all about vampire's losing control and going crazy.

Darcy seemed slightly taken aback by Jez's snappy answer, but she made nothing more of it. We all sat in an awkward silence for about half a second. Before Cameron changed the subject.

"So what are we going to get up to tomorrow?" He asked, I felt everyone breathe a sigh of relive that the silence was over, conversation got back up to its normal speed.

"Well, are we doing our 'hiking' in the morning or the afternoon?" Kayla inquired.

Cameron's mouth flopped open. "Didn't you hear?" He asked confusedly, we all turned and look at him with equally confused looks on our faces. We asked him what the hell we were supposed to have heard.

"Hiking, Table tennis and archery have all been stripped from the curriculum." Cameron said simply. We all groaned, the sports Cameron had mentioned were what we called 'dos' sports as in they don't require any effort. Cameron grinned mischievously. "Guess you'll have to join me in Soccer or something then."

I stared at him coldly; there was no way I was going to play soccer with him. Soccer involves running. Running I do not like.

"Who's the genius that thought up this ridiculous new rule?" Darcy asked she looked shell-shocked, if I didn't like running, then Darcy frickin' hated it.

"Mr Azerale..." Jez answered before Cameron opened his mouth. We all smiled slyly. "...What? We were talking about it in fencing yesterday." She harrumphed at us.

"Jez and Azerale sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I..." Elle began; Jez threw a cushion at her and then got up and stormed out of the room.

"Ooooo," Cameron said, in a high pitched girly voice. We all burst in to fits of laughter, and then decided to have a massive pillow fight.

It only ended when one of the pillows burst into a rain of feathers. We all stopped at the same time, and I didn't need Paige's mind reading powers to know that we were all thinking the same thing... Uh Oh. Darcy took control of the situation quickly; she got Jez to find a bin liner, while Elle used a spell to collect all of the feathers together into a large ball. Honestly, I think we all made a good job of clearing the mess up. At times like this, I'm glad I'm not fully human.

Instead of doing the intelligent thing and going back to our dorms, we decided it would be more fun to continue our sleepover and screw the consequences if we got caught.

By one in the morning everyone but me was asleep, I however found sleeping an impossible concept. My mind kept going on and on at me to tell someone about Jarred and his less than favourable species, but some part of me was worried, that if I did tell someone and then it turned out not to be him, I would be in deep poopie. He did, after all, say that he wasn't on the human stuff anymore. Somehow I managed to fall into a fit full and annoyingly repetitive dream. 

I was awoken by a knock on the door; I was always a light sleeper. Everyone else in the room didn't even stir. I groaned and messed about with my hair. Trying to tame it at least slightly in case we were busted by a teacher.

It wasn't a teacher. I opened the door and peeped round in to the pitch-black corridor. I couldn't see anything at all for a second until my eyes adjusted. I realised I was looking at a very sick looking Jarred.

"Ali," he whispered, "Is that you?" His voice sounded like a rusty piece of machine, all raspy and hoarse. I opened the door and stepped out into the corridor pulling the door closed behind me. The last thing I wanted was for everyone else to see Jarred like this. In the dim light that was coming from various places, I could see his skin was deathly white and covered in a thin film of sweat. He was shivering at the same time, which I know from the few times I've watched ER, was not good.

"What the hell," I murmured more to myself than him.

"I need your help," he said in a whisper that turned into a groan. He clutched at his heart, and used his other hand to grab the nearest wall and steady himself. I took a cautious step forward and let him use my arm as a support as he sat down on the window ledge.

"I can see that," I said softly smiling sympathetic way. "What happened Jarred?" I asked him. It took him a moment to work up the energy to answer, and when he spoke I had to lean in so that I could hear him.

"Today... I...I...nearly lost...control." He struggled to get the words out. "I shouldn't...have I hurt. screaming for blood." He managed. The quietness gave the words a really spooky feel to them; it made me feel like I was in a horror movie.

"What can I do to help?" I asked. The whole issue of him being evil seemed to vanish from my mind. Now I was focused on one thing, and that was to help Jarred.

"I need blood," he gasped and doubled over. It took me a moment to process the words. "It....doesn't be...human," he groaned. "Just...something to help me..........through." He dry heaved and jolted back, taking in short panting breaths. The light coming from the window reflected a small clear tear on the side of his cheek. It was all I needed. I grabbed my watchstrap and used the sharp part of the buckle. I made a gash in the centre of my wrist. Shaking it I lifted it to his face.



Holy moley. I excited myself when writing this, now even I want to know whats going to happen. But alas I must share my time between this dark guardian and not so posh... Not to worry though i can't go too long without posting!

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