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You were lying down with your boyfriend Zayn. "So Soph, our anniversary is coming up, what are we gonna do?" You were dreading this question, you wished that Zayn would be the type of boyfriend that gave you surprises. A person who made love more exciting. "Honestly, I have no idea. I have to get ready for the game." You got ready for your volleyball game and left alone, Zayn and the boys would be meeting you there.

*2 hours later

You walk into your house sweaty, laughing, smiling, and proud. The boys were singing "For She's A Jolly Good Fellow" as you sat on the couch. After a few minutes the high fiving and congrats stopped. You were all sitting on the couch, when Liam piped up, "Well guys, since Sophia won the game tonight, we should let her pick the movie!" After a few more minutes the guys agreed and you choose your favorite movie: 21 Jump Street.

You got up to put the movie in and when you bent over to put in the movie you heard Harry whistle. You turned back and shot him a questioning look. He just looked at you and smirked. You put the movie in and were about to press play when Niall screamed "We need popcorn!" You laughed and told him that you would have popcorn, but only if he made it. He nodded and went into the kitchen to cook it. You looked over at Liam and Louis and saw that they were laughing to themselves, and looking at you. "Is there a problem? What's so funny?" Liam and Louis looked at each other again then turned back and smirked at you. Louis spoke up said "Well, it's just that.. Well. You see. Sophia, that uniform is really tight, and we can umm.. see all your umm.. you know.. Your goodies!" He burst into laughter and so did Liam. Harry took notice and began to stare at your body intently. You turned back and looked at Zayn who was just staring at you.

You got up and grabbed a pillow, attempting to cover yourself anywhere and everywhere. You ran up stairs and changed

You were about to walk out of your room when you heard a noise from a corner in your room. "What the fuck?" You turn on the light and Harry is in the corner, smirking at you. "Oh my God Harry! Get out! why were you watching me! Get out! Zayn Is gonna kick your a-" Harry smashed his lips against yours. "wha the-" You were trying to push him off but he was too strong. He had you pressed up against the wall. Zayn walks into the room and pulls Harry off of you. You start to catch your breath and then worry about what Zayn was going to do to Harry.

You didn't have long to think until Zayn had you back up against the wall, kissing you. He took you from the wall and threw you on the bed. You were confused, but really turned on. He took of your pants and Harry took off your top. You realized that this was going to be a threesome. You've always liked Harry, and now you got to live out that fantasy without cheating. Harry took off your bra and starred at your breasts for a moment until fondling your left breast and sucking on your right. You started to moan and you stopped when you saw Zayns face. He was looking at you really weird. All of a sudden he started to smile. "Don't enjoy it too much Soph!" he started to chuckle as he moved down to your core, spreading your legs apart. He began to caress you through your underwear.

You laid your head down and closed your eyes. You opened them when another set of hands were cupping your face, coming in for a kiss. "Lia-" You gasped as Liams lips collided with yours. Your underwear were pulled down and two tongues were sucking and licking and nibbling on your pussy. Liam started to kiss our neck and you looked down to see that Louis and Zayn were the ones eating you out.

"Hey! This isn't fair! Why didn't any one call me!" wow. Of course Niall was the last. Before you knew it, a huge cock was in your face. You opened your mouth and it was shoved inside. Niall was thrusting into your face when Zayn entered you. "mmmnnnnnnnnnm" You moaned on Nialls dick making him groan. Zayn and Niall puled out and you were pulled of the bed. Zayn laid you back down on your side, him laying down behind you. Harry Got in front of you and laid down. They boys entered you at the same time making you scream in pleasure. "Fuck boys!! yes! Oh shit! Fuckk me!! "

You felt Harrys body tense up and looked behind him. Louis was behind harry thrusting into him. Liam was watching you guys, pumping his dick, and Niall was thrusting into him. The room was full of moaning and screams. "Shit Soph! Im close!" Harry and Zayn shout at the same time. They cum inside of you and pull out, leaving the room after they put their clothes back on. Not long after Niall was behind you, thrusting into you, rubbing your clit. Liam was riding Louis and Louis came soon after.

"DAMN SOPH! YOUR SO TIGHT!" Niall screamed as he came. After Niall pulled out he left. You laid on the bed, exhausted, still trying to process what happened. Zayn walked in gave you a kiss and said "Happy anniversary babe." He left you there to catch your breath.