Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Deni went upstairs to take her shower. She knew that just simply washing a scent away wasn't going to be enough to make up for what she had done the night before. Donovan had been so accepting of her, her relationship with Stephan, and he even accepted that she was once pregnant and had a baby. But everything he had accepted up until now was basically in the past. How would he handle or could he handle something that was right here and now slapping him in the face. Would he still want her once he knew the truth?

The whole mating, falling in love, and never wanting another concept all seemed like a myth to her a fairytale. It seemed to her the fairytale was now turning into a nightmare. She was falling for Donovan and very quickly, but she was certain that she loved Stephan. Could it be that her fairytale included the prospect of two mates instead of the one and only that everyone always talked about. Was there a way to make it work without her two mates killing each other over the mate they both claim belonged to them. How could one person's life end up so screwy. She sat on her bed not regretting anything she had done in the last 24 hours just dreading having to talk to discuss it with Donovan. After several minutes of debating and trying to figure out what to do with her life she finally went to take her shower.


Donovan reached Stephan's house, Alpha Kerrington and Ricky were outside waiting for him. He stood outside and sniffed the air he could tell his mate had been there, but the scent wasn't strong enough so he knew she was gone. They were about to turn and walk away but Donovan wanted to go in the house.

When they entered the little home Deni's scent, Stephan's scent and the scent of intimacy filled the air. Donovan now knew not only had his mate been there, but she had been intimate with Stephan, he also knew that Alpha Kerrington and Ricky knew the same thing as they entered the house. Donovan slumped down on the couch and sighed. He felt like he was fighting a battle that couldn't be won. He was about to kill for this girl and the whole time she was in this place not even thinking about him.

Alpha Kerrington waved for Ricky to go outside. After Ricky left Kerrington went and sat next to Donovan. "I am so sorry all of this is happening" he said with apologetic eyes.

Donovan had several emotions running through him jealousy, rage, and embarrassment where the top three. He looked at Kerringtonand nodded "What kind of Alpha am I?" he ran his hands over his hair and sighed "I can't even control my mate. Here I am trying to respect her age and not be intimate with her and she is running around with another wolf." He shook his head in disbelief. "I mean was she ever even kidnapped? Did she do all of this just to be able to spend some time with Stephan?" He looked over at Kerrington.

Kerrington frowned hoping his daughter would know better than to do something like that "I would like to think that she wouldn't have put you through this on purpose." He stood up and slowly began to pace throughout the room as he thought of what he wanted to say. "You know some times in life we go through things that define us. Anything that actually defines us is permanent. For example their baby situation. That is permanent. It's not going to be forgotten. People that go through these defining moments with us they become permanent too. Stephan is not going to just vanish and be forgotten, even though Deni now has found her true mate. They are a part of each other's history. A history that they haven't put behind them yet."

Stephan interrupted "But how long will I have to deal with all of this"

"I don't have the answer to that. They have to heal. Maybe for her the healing started when she finally told us about it. Can you imagine holding a secret like that? Just give her some time. Be her friend. I know that's not the way it works for our kind, but what else can you do? Normally when we meet our mates nothing nobody can separate us. We wouldn't dream of being in someone else's arms. But let's face it this is not a normal situation." Kerrington sat back down by Donovan. "You've got a mate that has" Kerrington looked up at the ceiling and shook his head "already mated with someone, and had a baby. Completely far from normal." Kerrington patted him on the shoulder. "You are already falling for her, I can see that. She will come around. Just give her some time. Once she separates the past from her present and future she will be yours." Kerrington stood back up. "Let's go find your mate."

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