Glancing At The Jock.

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This is my new story hope you like it. :D xxx

its called 'glancing at the jock' and its about a nerd, who cousin vists her and changes her from nerd to beauty. once she gets back to school. people start treating her weirdly and noticing her. and thats when the madness begins.


"So that's it then. You're just going to pretend this summer never happened." I declared, damp tears had sprung from my honey coloured eyes and fell down my rosy blossomed cheeks. I took in a deep breath as I met his beautiful ocean blue eyes. He sighed and finally met my gaze, his eyes widened as he saw my tear stained cheeks. I sniffled as his hand cupped my cheeks wiping away my tears.

"I'm so sorry Danielle, please don't cry." He said smoothing my hair with his soft hands. my eyes flickered as I felt a awful, endless pit of coldness echoing in my stomach, regret? I sighed once again let tears flow down my face. He wrapped his strong arms around my slim waist and pulled me into his embrace, I hesitated twisted slightly. I sobbed on his chest and wiped my tears with his now slightly damp T-shirt. I looked up too his round eyes, he pouted a forced frown then drew one of his hands into his trousers and pulled out his new ebony cell phone. He flashed a alluring smile at his cell screen. He pushed up his cell and check his message. A huge smirk plastered on his face. I remained quiet as I treasured every last second with this body that I yearned to hold. He slowly pulled back, my hands let loose swinging to my sides. A whoosh of the whispering cold breeze slash my bare arms, making my shine shiver.

"Sorry Danielle got to run, see you at school in a few weeks." He said quickly and dashed off into the distant. I eyes followed him as he left, knowing those might be the last words he might ever speak to me. I hugged myself, immediately feeling lonely. I frowned at the evening grass that swayed limply at my tanned toes. The wind brushed my golden blond waves north across my shoulders. I let the last remaining tears fall from my cheeks before I rose my head, to see that generous glimmering coral sunset at was perched on the treetops. I inhaled deeply and let a sniffle escape my nostrils.

Once my breathing calmed I hazily began to drag myself across the field of grass. My body was exhausted and heart-broken. My hands trembled as I watched the sun lower into the greenery. I looked around the lush field, knowing that every memory with Dylan this summer were resting around his domain, only to be mourned by me.

I thought that was the last time I would speak to Dylan Ross. After all he is a Jock.

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