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Pen Your Pride

Chapter Two

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"Fireheart, I now hereby send you into exile. If you ever set paw on TigerClan's territory, you will be killed," Tigerstar snarled.

Fireheart rose to his paws, shocked at what he had done. Sandstorm and Greystripe were frozen to the ground, staring at Tigerstar. "Go on; go away! Do you want me to kill you right now?" Fireheart looked at Cloudpaw, who turned his white back to his mentor. Fireheart casted a look at Cinderpelt, who stood outside the medicine den with sorrow in her beautiful blue eyes. Darkstripe leaped at Fireheart, making the ginger tom fall back. The TigerClan deputy unsheathed his claws, about to lash at Fireheart, but got bowled over by Greystripe. Tigerstar casted a furious glare at the grey tom as he wanted Fireheart to die. Darkstripe got up, his dark tabby pelt bristling and eyes glaring at Greystripe. Tigerstar's eye twitched and then flicked his tail at Longtail, who lunged at Greystripe.

"Any cat who dares interfere with my decision will be punished severely. However, I have a good mind to send Fireheart's friends into exile," Tigerstar said. Sandstorm dug her claws into the ground, wanting to attack Tigerstar, but she knew she'd be sent into exile just like Fireheart.

"Actually, Greystripe, you're exiled from TigerClan." Darkstripe pinned Greystripe to the ground while Longtail lashed his claws at the grey warrior. Fireheart was about to leap at Longtail until a pale pelt rammed into the warrior; Sandstorm. Cinderpelt raced towards the fighting warriors.

"Stop!" she yowled loudly, making the warriors pause. Tigerstar swung his head to the medicine cat. "You can't just kill each other!" Tigerstar's eyes twitched slightly. TigerClan cats stared at the TigerClan medicine cat.

"This doesn't involve you, medicine cat," Tigerstar spat at the she-cat as his amber gaze burned through her. Cinderpelt looked at the TigerClan leader, trying not to show any fear.

"But it's against the warrior code for Clanmates to attack each other!" she snapped. "All you do is stand there and watch your warriors attack each other! And you call yourself a leader? I'd rather die than accept you as my leader!"

"Fireheart and Greystripe aren't warriors of TigerClan," Halftail, an elder, pointed out to the medicine cat.

"Tigerstar sent them into exile, remember?" Swiftshadow added onto the elder's sentence.

"Cinderpelt, Sandstorm, you're both exiled from TigerClan," Tigerstar hissed.

"You just exiled your only medicine cat," Cinderpelt pointed out and Tigerstar glared at her.

"So? I can get another medicine cat from somewhere," Tigerstar said. "Now, all of you exiled cats, leave TigerClan!" Fireheart looked at the TigerClan cats who were glaring at him and his friends. Cinderpelt looked at Frostfur, who had sorrow for the she-cat in her blue eyes. Featherpaw and Stormpaw watched as their father, Greystripe, left the camp. Bramblepaw, Tigerstar's son, had hatred for Fireheart in his amber eyes as he had looked up to the ginger tom. Tigerstar's son looked like a smaller copy of his father. The exiled TigerClan cats left the camp for the last time, never to be seen again in the camp.


"What are we going to do now?" Sandstorm asked. Fireheart was walking in front of the cats, his green gaze staring a head of him. He looked behind him at the she-cat.

"I know one place where I'm going," the ginger tom said. Greystripe looked at his friend.

"You're not going back to your Twolegs, are you?" he asked. Fireheart shook his head.

"No, Greystripe. I'm going to see if Tallstar will allow me to join WindClan," he mewed. He had some friends in WindClan from when the ShadowClan tyrant, Brokenstar, drove WindClan away, and Bluestar sent Fireheart and Greystripe to look for them. The memories began to flood through Fireheart's mind... He missed Bluestar, the leader before Tigerstar. If only things were different, the ginger warrior thought to himself.

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