Chapter 5

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By the end of my second class I was already exhausted, but I still had one class and 2 hockey practices tonight. My next class went by quickly much to my relief. Now I had an hour before I had to be at the rink.

I hated the feeling of not showering everyday so I decided to go home and shower. Cassie wasn't home and it seemed like Abby had stopped by but wasn't here now.

After I showered I put on my warm up suit and sneakers. Before heading out I grabbed a quick snack which consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich. I ate on my way to the rink and tried not to spill crumbs in my car.

Once at the rink I put my stuff in the locker room where my skates were. I then went upstairs to meet the players for off ice training. "Coach Katherine." The boys all said loudly when they saw me. I smiled at all the boys. I had been coaching these kids for 2 years now and they were a great group and they had so much potential because of how young they were.

"Hey guys! You ready to work?" I yelled at them. There was a chorus of yes's.

The first thing I had them do was stretch. Then it came their least favorite part, the workout. This was my younger group that I couched so I don't train them too hard. Though that doesn't mean I go easy on them either. We start with strength then speed then agility. Last they do a circuit combining everything they did in that training session. The boys looked dead. "Alright guys, go get dressed. It's ice time." They groaned and began making there way to the locker room.

Dave, the head coach, just looked and shook his head at me as I drilled the boys and worked them. He had a small smile on his face. I knew he had watched off ice. That was just who he was, never got involved with my coaching but observed it. He trusted me.

"Hey Dave." I said to him as I went to my locker room to put my skates on.

"Hello Katherine." He said. "Are the boys going to be dead after your workout?" He laughed lightly.

"Obviously." I grinned at him. Rolling his eyes he went out onto the ice.

During on the ice training I followed what Dave had planned. I started out working with our goalies. Having them working on movement and blocking shots. After they were warmed up I worked with the defense. For them it was practicing of getting the puck out of their zone and not letting the offense get to the goal. Then I worked with offense on getting past the defense and shooting on goal. I like the process of working up the team. At the end of practice there was a short scrimmage. The boys were dead after practice.

The next practice was ice time first then training if there was time. My next team was the triple A 18 U team and I worked them like crazy.  With them I ran the skating portion and Dave did off ice. He was the hard one of us two, but he was the reason that our teams were so good.

It was late before the second practice was over. The time was already almost 10 at night. This day had went by so fast. But the drive home seemed to take forever. I could feel my eyes growing heavy.

All the lights were off when I got back to the apartment. My phone had died during the day so as soon as I walked through the door I plugged it in. Changed into my pj's I got my computer out. Logging onto it, I got a head start on my homework.

After some time I turned off my laptop and check my phone. There was a bunch of messages from Abby and Cassie, then a few from Tom, Andre, and Michael. I read through them all but didn't bother responding to them. Abby said she was staying over the boys again and Cassie was going to be staying at her boyfriends for the rest of the week.

That night it was weird sleeping in my own bed, by myself. For some reason even that one night with Tom had me feeling lonely in my bed.

I woke up early that next morning because of my early class. The only class I had today was my foreign language which was French. This was the easiest of all my class. My apartment was so big and empty I couldn't wait to leave for class. I couldn't wait for someone else to come home whether it was Abby or Cassie, both of whom had texted me again last night after I fell asleep.

Before I left I texted them both and responded to the boys text messages from yesterday. I wasn't even out of the house before Tom had texted me back.

Hey! don't forget the game tonight :)

I smiled down at my phone. Today was going to be a good day.

After my classes I went home to change before heading over to the boy's apartment. Tom said he had a capitals shirt I could wear to the game. Just thinking about Tom made me blush, there's just something about him.

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