Minecraft the Blocks of Life

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Ok I'm just going to say this is my first attempt at a book also the title is a joke and does not take about life starting on the world of Minecraft also I have to say its going to be a long book that is set in the Minecraft world that has the "Mob Talker Mod", "the Cute Models Mod", the ''mob amputaion mod'', and the ''Blood mod'' (note I did not make or help make any of these mods) will tell you warn you we you get to one there will swears, violence, and gore almost in every chapter. also there may be sex scenes in some chapters but i will worn you about those ones but still this will be rated 'R' and for those how don't like this web site after im done it here i will up load it on fanfiction.net under the same title but rated "M"

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